QU Women's Lacrosse Visits Conte West Hills Magnet School in New Haven

QU Women's Lacrosse Visits Conte West Hills Magnet School in New Haven

HAMDEN, Conn. – Several members of the Quinnipiac Women's Lacrosse team visited Conte West Hills Magnet School in New Haven on Monday, April 20, to teach fourth graders about the sport of lacrosse. The students are studying local Native American tribes and have learned that the sport of lacrosse was originally played by many tribes throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic region.

"The kids at Conte West Hills are great," said Quinnipiac head coach Danie Caro. "They were so enthusiastic about trying to play lacrosse, and I think they actually taught our players a few things about the Native American version of the game that we didn't know. We are very grateful to Mrs. Dunn for inviting us back again this year."

The Bobcats also spoke to the fourth grade students about the importance of academic achievement and the challenges of being a student-athlete in high school and college. According to sophomore Danielle La Rocca, "It was really awesome to hear the kids talking about the history of the sport of lacrosse and asking us questions about the current women's game. It's amazing how much the sport has grown, and we know that the kids we interact with are the future of the sport. My teammates and I enjoyed watching the students play lacrosse for the first time because they were really excited about it."

The event at Conte West Hills is part of the athletic department's Positive Play program that provides all athletic teams with opportunities to get involved in various community service initiatives. The afternoon was a perfect opportunity for Quinnipiac student-athletes to chip in on Quinnipiac Athletics' Positive Play initiative. Quinnipiac is dedicated to the promotion and development of service, service learning, experiential learning, and civic engagement programs and initiatives that involve students in the local community and challenge them to critically examine the role their service plays in cultivating personal development and social change.

"Today was an experience I will never forget. Not only was it exciting for the children, it was exciting for us as well," said freshman Caitlinn Riedell. "We were able to teach the fundamentals of a sport we love and share it with those who are unfamiliar with or who have never played lacrosse before. It's great to help out in a community not far from Quinnipiac and I am definitely looking forward to going back there in the future."