2014-15 Student Athlete Advisory Committee

 Student-Athlete Advisory Committee
(SAAC) Constitution

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Student-Athlete Advisory Committee
(SAAC) E-Board

Greg Prendergast Co-Chair MLA
Chandler Thornton Co-Chair WVB
Megan Osanitsch Secretary FH
Jennifer Salomon Social Media Facilitator WRU
Justin Harris Athletics Council Rep.  MBB




SAAC Members

Matt Lorenzetti MBA
Scott Donaghue MBA
Justin Harris MBB
Alex Doherty MCC
Kyle Liang MCC
Connor Clifton MIH
Tim Clifton MIH
Greg Pendergast MLA
Chris Kendall MLA
Stevenson Hawkey MSO
Simon Brossier MSO
Kei Ezaka MTE
Eric Ambrosio MTE
Christine Rochester WAT
Stephanie Palanage WAT
Samantha Guastella WBB
Morgan Manz WBB
Cameron Chaplen WCC/TK
Ashley Carle WCC/TK
Megan Osanitsch WFH
Savanna Reilly WFH
Jennifer Whaley WGO
Emily Ribbins WGO
Emma Greco WIH
Sydney Rossman WIH
Devin Kelly WLA
Michele Merwin WLA
Taylor Schussler WRU
Jennifer Salomon WRU
Jordan Paolucci WSB
Abby Johnson WSB
Natalia Grodzki WSO
Jessica Jankowski WSO
Rachel Horton WTE
Kelsi Oliphant WTE
Cody Michaels WVB
Chandler Thornton WVB

        Below are community service events, SAAC will complete
      annually, in addition to other important issues and events.
                               Click on the link for photos!

 Halloween Celebration 
  -- Hand-made Halloween cards & painted pumpkins are   presented to residents of a local nursing home. 
 Thanksgiving Food Drive
 -- SAAC shops to provide complete Thanksgiving meals for 20 local families through their partnership with Hamden Youth Services.
 Christmas Toy Distribution
 -- SAAC and Santa purchase and wrap toys in preparation for their visit to classrooms of children at Hamden Youth Services. Each child also receives their own copy of the book read to them by the student-athletes. 
 Free Ice Cream and Cookies Study Break
 -- On the night before finals of each semester, SAAC hosts a study break for Quinnipiac students. 
 Valentine's Day Celebration
 -- Hand-made Valentine's Day cards and roses are presented to residents of a local nursing home. 
 Personal Care Baskets Distribution

 -- SAAC prepares personal care baskets and packages to a women’s shelter, underprivileged nursery school and a local shelter.

 Life HavenSAAC prepares 15 personal care baskets for each of the current residents at Life Haven.

 Columbus House - SAAC prepares 40 personal care packages, which each included toothbrushes, toothpaste, hand sanitizer, deodorant and shaving cream.

 United Community Nursery School - SAAC prepares dental hygiene packages for each of the 30 children at United Community Nursery School.  Each child also receives their own puzzle, and copy of a book read to them by the student-athletes.

 Mr. & Mrs. Bobcat Event
 -- SAAC hosted its inaugural Mr. & Mrs. Bobcat Event in which student-athletes competed for the crown using three criteria: talent, fashion and trivia.
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