Mission Statement: The Council assists and advises the Director of Athletics and Recreation in the exercise of institutional responsibility and control of intercollegiate athletics and recreation as it relates to academics. The guiding concern of the Board is the growth and academic development of students who participate in intercollegiate athletics and recreation. The Council both advises the Director on academic policy issues brought to the Council's attention by the Director and also initiates discussion on issues of concern to the faculty, staff or administration.

Athletics Council Minutes (Updated – May 8, 2013)- Listed Below

Athletics Council Bylaws (Updated - December 17, 2007)

2007 NCAA Certification Self-Study

Athletics Council Roster - Sept. 2014

Balogh Anne Alumni Alumni Affairs Softball/Men's Ice Hockey  
Budkofsky Alyssa Assistant AD for Men's Basketball (Ex-Officio) Athletics & Recreation    
Burns Lisa Professor of Communications Communications Women's Volleyball/Women's Rugby  
Delohery Andrew Assoc. VP of Retention & Academic Success Academic Affairs/Learning Center Men's Lacrosse/Field Hockey  
Duffy Sean Associate Professor of Political Science Arts & Sciences M&W Cross-Country/Track  
Flynn Tracey Associate AD & SWA (Ex-Officio) Athletics & Recreation    
Giaimo Alicia Assistant Professor for Diagnostic Imaging Health Sciences Softball/Baseball  
Hanley Richard Associate Professor of Journalism (Chair) Communications Baseball/Softball  
Open Open Open Open Men's Ice Hockey/Women's Field Hockey  
Hudd Suzanne Professor of Sociology Arts & Sciences Men's Basketball/Men's Tennis  
Knowlton Carla Director of Admissions Admissions Field Hockey  
Laskin Alexander Associate Professor of Public Relations Communications Men's Soccer/Women's Basketball  
Open Open Open Open Men's and Women's Tennis  
Leisring Penny Professor of Psychology Arts & Sciences Women's Soccer  
Martin JIll Professor of Legal Studies  (Vice Chair/Senate Liaison) Arts & Sciences Women's Ice Hockey  
Mattie Angela Associate Professor of Management Business Acrobatics & Tumbilng/Women's Basketball  
McDonald Jack Director of Athletics & Recreation (Ex-Officio) Athletics & Recreation    
McGinnis Courtney Assistant Professor of Biology Arts & Sciences    
Morgan John Professor of Law Law School Men's Soccer  
Ortiz-Walters Rowena Professor of Management Business    
Richardson Lyneene Associate Athletic Director (Ex-Officio) Athletics & Recreation    
Sawyer Don Instructor of Sociology Arts & Sciences Men's Basketball  
SImione Kathy Associate Professor of Accounting Business    
Yanity Molly Assistant Professor of Journalism Journalism Women's Rugby  
Condo Melissa Open      
Conklin Bonnie Open      
Pendergast Gregory SAAC - Men's Lacrosse      


Athletic Council Meeting – May 7, 2013


Anne Balogh, Alyssa Budkofsky, Lisa Burns, Andy Delohery, Sean Duffy, Rich Hanley, Suzanne Hudd, Carla Knowlton, Alex Laskin, Jill Martin, Jack McDonald, John Morgan, Rowena Ortiz-Walters, Don Sawyer, Kathy Simione, Mark Thompson
Mark Thompson talked about the law settlement.

-A copy of the settlement was sent to all female athletes and students.

-All were instructed not to talk to anyone and can send their concerns and comments back.

-Scholarships for female sports will increase

-Added support for the volleyball

- Jeffrey  Orleans (former Ivy League Commisioner)  has been appointed referee for the case

-Facilities plan:

            -It will take approximately five years to complete

            -Improve the existing Mt. Carmel Athletic Center

            -Construct a new indoor track and field facility

            -Provide access to an outdoor track and field facility

            -Build facility dedicated to women’s field hockey

            -Increase dimensions of varsity rugby field


Jack commented that the annual Athletic Awards Ceremony was the best one yet.

We had a table set up with all this year’s trophies.  It was very impressive.

First year we didn’t have our Athlete of the Year present so a giant blow-up of

Eric Hartzell was made to accept his award.


Tracey –


-NCAA membership has issues with the current President.  He doesn’t believe in the current governance structure of the NCAA.  This is a concern of the Division I membership and in particular the legislative process for voting on new rules.


-NCAA initial eligibility standards were to become more restrictive effective in 2016.  The NCAA Board of Directors has reversed their previous decision and the current standards will remain the same. 

-The NCAA Board of Director has made confirmed their previous decision to eliminate in-person scouting of opponents in all sports.  The action was is in spite of

Of 75+ NCAA Division I school submitting override votes.


-There is a hold on the enactment of permitting coaches to make unlimited text and phone unlimited calls to recruits.  Member institutions will be voting on this topic to determine if the rule is passed or defeated.


-Tracey, Lyneene, Bob and Alyssa will each be attending one of the two NCAA  Regional Rules Seminars.


-SAAC representative, Kevin Castodio- vice president,  had a final exam that conflicted with today’s meeting. News from SAAC, their FREE ice cream and cookie study break went very well this past Sunday.  Nearly 400 students stopped by for refreshments.


Lyneene –


-Excellent year for academics

-Class attendance was a slight problem, but we worked it out.

-Continue to work with professors and schedules – especially sports with post seasons – baseball/softball

-Travel  letters do say post season to be announced.

-Had a concern about Pep Band and Cheerleaders that travel with teams to championship games.  Requested letters to their professors regarding missed

classes.  Professors were really very accommodating.


-Discussed MAAC  missed class policy that was handed out.


            -NEC policy is 48 hours versus 30 hours leave before competition.


-       Registration went well


Jack reported on the great year Athletics had.


            -Men’s Soccer - champions

            -Ice Hockey Frozen Four

            -Women’s Basketball finals

            -Rugby – Final Four

            -A & T – hosted Nationals

            -Track – good year

            -Men’s Lacrosse – semi-finals

            -Tennis – good year


Talked about our need for a press box on our outside fields. 


Social networks – traffic March and April hit one million hits


Roundball Golf is Thursday, May 16, 2013


MAAC schedules for next year will be different – Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  There will be days we will have two games going on at the same time.


We are hosting Women’s Frozen Four next year and are starting to plan now.


Rich Hanley was nominated to be next year’s Athletic Council Chair.


Next meeting will be in the Fall.





Athletic Council Meeting – December 4, 2012



Attendees:  Alyssa Budkofsky, Lisa Burns, Jake Cetera, Andy Delohery, Tracey Flynn, Alicia Giaimo, Rich Hanley, Carla Knowlton,  Alex Laskin, Jill Martin, Jack McDonald,

Rowena Ortiz-Walters, Lyneene Richardson, Don Sawyer, Mark Thompson


Membership—Rich Hanley introduced new member, Don Sawyer, who is a Professor of Sociology.  He urged members to check member list for accuracies.


Holiday Party – Jack McDonald invited everyone to attend our Facilities Appreciation Coffee Hour on December 13 at 9:00 AM and also our Athletic

Holiday Party on December 13 at 4:00-7:00 PM.


Sport Liaisons – New member, Don Sawyer, will be Men’s Basketball liaison.

Everyone was urged to meet with their teams and offer any help.


Dean’s Council Meeting -  Jack, Tracey, Lyneene, and Andy Delohery met with the

Dean’s Council to discuss team’s practice and game schedules and how they

affect classes.


Out of 450 athletes, there are only a few that are having problems.  Some athletes and coaches take advantage of the system.  Baseball and Softball have the most

problems.  Results from the survey revealed that not many know about the policy.

Men’s Lacrosse and Baseball are now being blocked from Friday classes.


Andy Delohery noted that the problem with labs is still not resolved.  He noted

that other schools do have Saturday and Sunday labs for make-ups.


University is growing and this is a growth problem.  Question to Mark Thompson

was made that maybe Lyneene should be at these Dean’s Council Meetings.  Mark

suggested that if there was a concern, she could be at that particular meeting, but

not on a regular basis.




Tracey – Introduced Jake Cetera from SAAC.  He told of all the activities that SAAC

has done so far this year – Halloween pumpkins, Thanksgiving baskets, Ice Cream

Social, and Toys and Books for kids.


Lyneene – Registration went well.


Jack – Fall season we had two teams that won their conferences.

            Winter- undefeated in Men’s Hockey and Women’s Basketball.  Three

            TV games scheduled for this weekend.


We had a press conference to announce that we will host the 2014 Frozen Four

for women’s ice hockey.  We will also host the 2013 Acrobatics & Tumbling National Championships.


Hall of Fame was held this past November.  We inducted two coaches and their teams – Rand Pecknold, Men’s Ice Hockey, and Becca Main, Field Hockey.


Lawsuit – Settlement meeting is set sometime before the holidays.


Athletic Master Plan – The lawsuit exposed all deficiencies in our facilities.  We are

planning on meeting with the architects soon.  Athletic Center will expand indoor and outdoor venues over the next three years.  This will include academic support and study halls.


Group Ticket Liaison – All groups are welcome to come to the games – let us know and we can provide comp tickets.


Other – Club sports will happen as soon.

-       Men’s Rugby played two games here and it was great.


Next meeting  -- Thursday, February 7th at 5:00 PM  at TDBSC



Athletic Council Meeting – April 2, 2012




Anne Balogh, Alyssa Budkofsky, Andy Delohery, Rich Ferguson

Alicia Giaimo, Rich Hanley, Mark Hoffman, Alex Laskin, Jill Martin,

Angela Mattie, Jack McDonald, John Morgan, Lyneene Richardson,

Angela Sykers, Ed O’Connor


Meeting came to order at 4:45 PM.


Jack introduced Mary Ann Power, Head Acrobatics and Tumbling

Coach.  She talked about the team and what the Council would be

seeing later at the meet.  She informed everyone that University of

Maryland had been dropped from the schools in the league.  Our

coaches have been recruiting all over the country and that next

year’s National Championships will be held here on our campus.


Rich Hanley reviewed membership sheet and asked if anyone had

any corrections, please note them and hand the sheets back.


Alex Laskin talked about the updates with the survey he conducted on the student-athlete absentee policy.  Please see attached for his report.


Baseball was a concern as there are so many games compared to

other sports.


Angela Skyers is working on a manual for Academic Affairs – one section

is for students and another section will be for athletes.


Suggestion was made that the letter given to all professors should

come from Mark Thompson on his letterhead.  Lyneene will follow-up.


Jack reported on all spring sports.  Softball had back-to-back-to-back

home runs last week and Gooley is at 499 wins.  Mentioned that four

teams made it to post season games.


Athletic Awards is scheduled for Wednesday, Mary 1 at 6:00 PM at



Scholar – Athletes for the year are:


            Nicole Lewis – Field Hockey and Brett Uttley – Men’s Soccer.


Rich Hanley would like the Council to meet once more this semester.

A date of Monday, April 30 at 4:00 PM in the Athletic Conference Room

was set.


Meeting adjourned at 5:45 PM


Attachment - Student-Athlete Attendance Survey





Athletic Council Meeting – January 26, 2012



Ann Balogh, Alyssa Budkofsky, Jacob Cetera (Student-Athlete), Sean Duffy, Rich

Ferguson, Tracey Flynn, Alicia Giaimo, Rich Hanley, Carla Knowlton, Alexander Laskin, Jill Martin, Jack McDonald, John Morgan, Ed O’Connor, Rowena

Ortiz-Walters, Eric Reed (Student-Athlete),  Lyneene Richardson, Angela Skyers

Meeting came to order at 5:10 PM at TDBSC

Alexander Laskin reported on the faculty response to the survey on attendance

policy.  Survey was put on blackboard for all full and part time faculty to take.

Many faculty never knew that Athletics had a student-athlete attendance policy.

Policy is not on line and could not be found for these faculty members to read.


Athletics must make increase awareness of the attendance policy.  All should

be aware of the policy including the student-athlete.


Lyneene Richardson spoke about the attendance letter that each student-athlete

gets to present to their professors.  This letter tells the professor, usually the

first day of classes, what their game schedule will be during that semester.

It was recommended that the student-athlete’s name should be on the letter

also.  Lyneene noted that recommendation for next semester.

 Lyneene also reported that the is a problem with the science classes and

labs.  One Associate Dean has been kicking out our student-athletes from

these classes saying that their attendance policy is only one class and that

these students will have more with games and practices and it is not allowed.


Lyneene has been working with the Dean to place them in another class,

but this is a problem because if they don’t have 12 credits, they cannot

practice or compete.


A few comments were made on how to help this situation:


-Student-Athletes ability to pre-register – even if it was for the science classes

 and labs.


-The University to start offering Sunday classes so that student-athletes can

 take these classes when they miss their regular classes.


Tracey distributed and reviewed three documents:

            -NCAA Summer Access to Men’s Basketball Student Athletes

            -NCAA Legislative Process including New Expedited Process

            -New NCAA Division I Initial Eligibility  Index.


At our next meeting, we will review the new eligibility index.


Meeting was adjourned at 6:00 PM – dinner was held at the University

Club and then men’s basketball game.


Athletic Council Minutes – September 21, 2011


Attendees:  Anne Balogh,  Tania Blyth, Alyssa Budkofsky, Lisa Burns, Andy Delohery, Sean Duffy, Tracey Flynn, Alicia Giaimo, Rich Hanley, Suzanne Hudd,  Alexander Laskin, Dottie Lauria, Jill Martin, Angela Mattie, Lyneene Richardson, Kathy Simione, Angela Skyers, Rowena Ortiz-Walters


Rich Hanley introduced newest member, Rowena Ortiz-Walters, from the Business



Alex Laskin (Using Blackboard to disseminate survey to faculty on the attendance

policy --- their awareness of the policy is being measured.


Sean Duffy noted it is not easy to find on the Q website.


Lyneene Richardson noted that some departments have more stringent class attendance requirements than the policy permits.


Andy Delohery – Academic Good Standing Policy has changed, but the attendance policy has not.


Rich Hanley read Mark Thompson’s email regarding an update on lawsuit as Mark Thompson was not present to present it.  QU is still in negotiations via mediator. 

Sarah Steele was identified as the  University’s Title IX coordinator.


QU may be facing another lawsuit regarding Title IX – 3rd prong related to laundry list of benefits provided to each sex.  The laundry list has 13 items for review,  such

as sports information coverage, team travel, lodging, tutors, and locker room



Lyneene Richardson:

            -Power Hours space continues to be an issue

            -APR reporting coming up.  So far all teams look good with their APR scores

            -Captains’ Leadership training opportunity is beginning and will continue on

               through the year


Tracey Flynn:

            -Student Athlete Advisory Committee President, Jake Cetera, Men’s Cross

               Country, Junior, PT major

            -NCAA Legislative cycle has begun.  Tracey will share relevant proposed

               legislation in upcoming meeting


Meeting adjourned at 5:05 PM



Athletics Council Meeting – February 16, 2011


Attendees: Anne Balogh, Tania Blythe, Alyssa Budkofsky, Jacob Cetera (Sudent-Athlete), Rich Ferguson, Tracey Flynn (SWA), Rich Hanley (Chair), Suzanne Hudd, Jill Martin (Vice Chair), Angela Mattie, Jack McDonald (AD), Lyneene Richardson, Angela Skiyers, Kathy Simione, Ed O'Connor


Meeting came to order at 4:38 PM


Tracey Flynn introduced student-athlete Jacob Cetera who is co-chair of SAAC.

Jacob reported on a few programs that SAAC has been involved in this year.

Penny Wars did very well collecting over $775 for charity. Women's Cross

Country and Track won first place. Working on a campaign called "Don't text

and drive", which will start next month.


Rich Hanley told Jacob that if any student-athlete has any concerns, please bring those concerns to the attention of this committee.


Jack McDonald talked about the Yale game and how much publicity it is getting.

Students are really getting excited and have even made up cheers to use at the game.

Rich Ferguson said there was a different way of obtaining student tickets to this game

and within the first few minutes, tickets were sold out.


Rich Hanley mentioned that the letter Sean Duffy wrote to Mark Thompson about

missed class policy was acknowledged and will have a committee set up to review.


Jack McDonald talked about the law suit. He said it is moving forward. They had two meetings in the last month and both sides were eager to get this done.


Jack McDonald – Sports Review


-Playoff luncheon on Tuesday, March 1, 11-1:00 PM at TDBSC. All four teams are in

the playoffs.


-Women's Golf will compete in NEC championships in Florida later this Spring


-Women's Rugby Head Coach, Rebecca Carlson, will be invited to a future AC meeting.


-Hero's Hat this Friday, February 18, at Men's Ice Hockey vs. Yale game.


-Bobcats Unleashed – HD highlight show done by Peter Sumby, Tuesday, February 22,



Tracey Flynn

Discussion ensued about Admissions – admitted, qualified students, struggles of L.D. to succeed, students who don't self-disclose.

For our next meeting we will discuss what the AC can do to help with the increasing weight of challenged students on our athletic teams. We also will review engagement between Athletic Council liaison and their team assignments.


Lyneene Richardson

-Relay For Life – Student Athletes will be selling luminaries.

-Dr Seuss birthday celebration – Student Athletes will be going to elementary schools to read.


Meeting was adjoured at 5:43 PM.



Athletics Council Meeting

November 10, 2010


Attended: Rich Hanley (Chair), Jill Martin (Co-Chair), Sean Duffy (FAR), John Morgan, Rich Ferguson, Angela Mattie, Alex Laskin, Mark Hoffman, Tanya Blyth (new member), Alicia Giaimo, Tracey Flynn, Ed O'Connor, Angela Skyers, Carla Knowlton, Dottie Lauria, Anne Balogh, Jack McDonald


Approval of the September 20, 2010 Meeting Minutes


Introduction of the New Member, Tanya Blyth, Clinical Assistant Professor of Diagnostic Imaging.


Jill Martin mentioned the feature article in the Chronicle of Higher Education on the role of the NCAA Faculty Rep. Sean mentioned that he would like to have a more defined role and explanation of his duties. Sean says he reports to no one. Sean stated the success of an FAR is based largely on the individual who holds the position and the institutional support the FAR receives.


Rich Ferguson mentioned that Sean, Jill and Rich Hanley should meet with Mark Thompson.


This will be an agenda item for the next meeting.


Jack reported on:

Mandi's March Raised over $4,000

Women's Cross Country Wins 6th Straight NEC Championship

Academic Progress Rate (APR), QU has 11 teams with perfect 1000 scores including Men's Basketball

New Women's Rugby Coach – Rebecca Carlson

New Women's Golf Coach—John O'Connor

Update on the Title IX Case

Need for Space

Locker Rooms

Track & Field Facility

2010-12 TV Schedule to be announced



Tracey Flynn reported on:

We are in the National Letter of Intent (NLI) period for most of QU Athletics Teams. Expect approximately 40 prospects to sign.


The over 100 NCAA Proposals for Legislation, involving recruiting, eligibility, play and practice season that Quinnipiac has submitted our votes to the Northeast Conference, who submits to the NCAA for action by the NCAA Governance Committee at the NCAA Convention in January 2011.


Student-Athlete Advisory Committee's Co-Chairs are Jackie Mann (WBB) and Jacob Cetera (MCC). They have been working on some initiatives for the student-athletes.


Thanksgiving project with Hamden Youth Services food project Exam Ice Cream Social before the exam period in the cafeteria.


Dave Clarke (WSOC Coach) and QU 101 Instructor organized a "Kicks for Cancer" day at a WSOC game.


NCAA Certification Checklist:

Jill and Rich talked about the NCAA Certification and how we should review what is needed to be done for the Certification "Plans for Improvement". Hanley sates goal is to have systematically addressed the plans so that we can smoothly approach the next certification. Martin said we should:


1) Survey the faculty about miss class policy

2) Preparing a faculty handbook for faculty on student athletes

3) Looking at the adjustments to the plan relative to the women's volleyball suit on participation


Hanley suggested a timeline for a faculty survey to create, review and send survey before intercession Review results with Council during Spring semester and prepare information for 2011-2012 faculty.


Sean Duffy noted that he has access to all Faculty's email accounts to survey.


Review of the Missed Class Letter Created and Distributed by Athletics.


Make-up policy for those SA's that miss class/exams due to a game.


Meet with Faculty Senate for their input on Athletics, Missed Class Time and other areas.


Sub-Committee of Jill Martin, Sean Duffy, Lyneene Richardson, Alicia Giaimo, and Alex Laskin to review this and to present a report to the Council in December.


Jill remarked on the Ferpa and Buckley Amendants Policy


Question as to the return rate of the requests for mid-term grades from faculty. Lyneene could be asked to comment/research.


Discussion on when to distribute the policies and also when to distribute the survey.



Athletics Council Meeting – September 20, 2010


Attendees: Anne Balogh, Alyssa Budkofsky, Lisa Burns, Andy Delohery, Rich Ferguson,

Tracey Flynn, Rich Hanley (Chair), Mark Hoffman, Suzanne Hudd, Carla Knowlton, Alex Laskin, John Morgan, Kathy Simione, Ed O'Connor, Mark Thompson


Jack McDonald showed a video on women's rugby that was made by a rugby coach candidate.


Rich Hanley gave an update on Athletics Council membership. With some resignations, there are a couple of openings. Also looking for student-athlete

representatives and representatives from Residential Life/Student Affairs. Tracey said student-athlete representatives will be announced soon.


Mark Thompson and Jack McDonald spoke about Title IX updates. The university received a response to our response. Response was disappointing. We will have

to continue to work on a plan. Phone conference call at the end of this week.


Budget is approved for part time golf coach and full time women's rugby. Women's

golf will start this Fall and women's rugby will be next year.


Roster management is doing okay. Coaches are managing their rosters consistent within their budgets.




Alyssa Budkofsky reported that the men's basketball APR is doing much better and staying above penalty.


Fall sports are doing well. No one has started league games yet.


Since Linda Wooster has resigned, the Council needs someone for Recreation/Intramurals. Jack mentioned that Tami Reilly or Mike Medina would

be a good choice.


Tracey spoke about graduate rates. One method of calculating came out to be 68% student-athlete graduation rate and another method used came out to 84%. She said we are doing well.


SAAC has new members and they are starting to meet.


Lyneene reported that the registration this Fall went smoothly. This was the second year of putting power hours right into athlete's schedules and it seem to work out well.


Power Hours has been expanded to have athletes study right in some dorms in addition to the athletic center and library.


Positive Play where athletes help move-in freshmen worked out well. Lyneene is collecting $10/ per athlete to fund this program.


Next meeting the Council will hear from the sub-committees.


Location of next meeting will be up at York Hill Student Center on October 25.




Athletics Council Meeting

April 14, 2010


Attendees: Rich Hanley (Chair), Alex Laskin, Rich Ferguson, Jill Martin, Alyssa Budkofsky, Angels Skyers, Dorothy Laiuria, Alicia Giamo, Jack McDonald, Carla Knowlton, John Morgan (Law), Andy Delohery, Kathy Simione.


Report of Athletics Events and Programs • Events by Jack McDonald & Rich Ferguson


Games and Events at TD Bank Sports Center

            Attendance has gone from 83,000 in 08-09 to 110,000 in 09-10

            High School games

            Olympic Team Game

            Fairfield Prep – Hamden Game

            Promotions to students during spring break games


Spring Teams

            WLAX Undefeated

            Softball having a good NEC season

            Baseball field renovations beginning

            Tennis going to NEC Playoffs


Discussion of marketing for both men and women games




Equity – Alicia Giaimo (Chair), Jack McDonald

Lawsuit update

Need for additional locker room for women

Need to understand the need for space for rec and athletics


Governance – Dottie Lauria, John Morgan, Kathy Simione

Academics & Recreation – Jill Martin, Rich Ferguson, Alyssa Budkofsky, Angela Skyers, Andy Delohery, Carla Knowlton


Jill Martin (Chair) reported on:

Post-Season Policy on missed classes due to playoffs

Faculty Survey on student-athlete missed class time



Governance and Compliance – Dottie Lauria, John Morgan and Kathy Simione


A plan for informing faculty on protocol and policies for student-athletes and missed class time

Should go to all faculty


Athletic Awards – April 26, 2010 – Athletics Council MVP Reps





Head Coach/Director

Athletics Council Liaison

Team MVP, Year, Hometown

Katie Vashon Sports Information

Ken Sweeten

Rich Hanley


Men’s Student Athletic Trainer

Ernie Hallbach


Wms. Student Athletic Trainer

Ernie Hallbach


Competitive Cheer

Mary Ann Powers


Stephanie Colella, Senior, Hamden, CT


Eric Grgurich


Boomer, Hamden, CT

Pep Band

Eric Grgurich


Deanna Maytas, Sophomore, Harwinton, CT

Sideline Cheer

Eric Grgurich


Jennifer Nasta, Junior, Westbury, NY

Field Hockey

Becca M. Kohli

Andy Delohery

Jenna Grossman, Senior, Flanders, NJ

Men's Soccer

Eric Da Costa

John Morgan

Frederick Hall, Senior, St. George, Bermuda

Women's Soccer

Dave Clarke

John Morgan

Furtuna Velaj, Sophomore, Stamford, CT


Robin Sparks

Lisa Burns


Men’s Basketball

Tom Moore

Angela Skyers

Justin Rutty, Junior, Newburgh, NY

Men's Cross Country

Carolyn Martin

Angela Skyers

Richard Klauber, Sophomore, Thomaston, CT

Women’s Cross Country

Carolyn Martin

Sean Duffy

Morgan Roche, Sophomore, Clifton Park, NY

Women's Indoor Track

Carolyn Martin

Sean Duffy

Morgan Roche, Sophomore, Clifton Park, NY

Women’s Outdoor Track

Carolyn Martin

Sean Duffy


Women's Basketball

Tricia Fabbri

Anne Balogh

Courtney Kaminski, Senior, Dudley, MA

Men’s Ice Hockey

Rand Pecknold

Mark Hoffman/Rich Hanley

Dan Clarke, Sophomore, Belleville, Ontario

Women’s Ice Hockey

Rick Seeley

Jill Martin

Kallie Flor, Senior, Farmington, MN


Dan Gooley

Rich Hanley


Men's Lacrosse

Eric Fekete

Andy Delohery


Women's Lacrosse

Danie Caro

Carla Knowlton/Jill Martin



Germaine Fairchild

Alicia GiamoAngela Mattie


Men's Tennis

Mike Quitko

Dottie Lauria/Kathy Simione


Women's Tennis

Mike Quitko

Dottie Lauria/Kathy Simione


Next Meeting in May – Date to be announced soon.


Athletic Council Meeting Minutes – November 9, 2009


Attendees:  Anne Balogh, Emily Bellush, Alyssa Bukofsky, Lisa Burns, Sean Duffy, Alicia Giaimo, Rich Ferguson, Tracey Flynn, Rich Hanley, Alex Laskin, Dottie Lauria, Jill Martin, Jack McDonald, Lailah Pratt, Lyneene Richardson, Angela Skyers, Mark Thompson


Meeting came to order at 4:05 pm


Rich Hanley introduced two student-athletes that have joined the council.

Emily Bellush, senior softball athlete and Laliah Pratt, junior women’s

basketball athlete.


Rich also noted that Kathy Simione, School of Business will be joining

the Council next month.


NCAA Certification Update – Jill Martin


Jill Martin will be the liaison for the report.  The report is now on-line and

Jill and Jack will be working closely to monitor the dates and commitments

to make sure that the University is complying to everything. 


Rich will put together a list of items by sub-committee and then the

sub-committee will report back to the Athletic Council.


Rich will let the new members know what sub-committee they are serving



APR – Everything seems to be doing better.  Men’s basketball numbers are

good with no penalties.  The “magic” number was 881 and we are 894-898.


Compliance—Tracey Flynn


We are in the NLI period right now.  Early signing period starts Wednesday with a dead period – no face to face contact with prospective athletes and their families for this period.


Academics – Lyneene Richardson


We are in the middle of registration.  All athletes need 12 credits to participate.   Practice times are built right into their schedules.


Rich Hanley asked some faculty members about how this is working out for

faculty and athletes and there was some concern with the faculty.  Many faculty do not understand why each sport has different practice times.  Jack said a lot of it is due to the trainers time and because of the facility availability.


Rich asked the student athletes present if they had any trouble registering.

Emily Bellush shared how she always has trouble getting into classes that

don’t interfere with either her practice or games.  She and the SAAC group

are all in favor of having priority registration for athletes.  She will put in

writing the SAAC’s concerns and recommendations for priority registration.


Athletic Director Report – Jack McDonald


Emily Bellush, co-chair for SAAC reported on events held this year:


1)            August t-shirt Day – Athletes contributed $10 to support SAAC and in exchange got a long-sleeve yellow t-shirt.

2)            Back-to-school supplies given to Hamden Community Services

3)            Teams supporting other teams – going to each others games

4)            Surveys sent to athletes requesting feedback on certain items.

5)            Thanksgiving baskets will be donated for 25 families in Hamden.


All teams did very well this past Fall.

         MCC – 2nd

         WCC – 1st

         MSOC, WSOC, FH – all went to NEC Playoffs


Both Men and Women’s Ice Hockey started their seasons very well.  Men’s

Ice Hockey are undefeated in the ECAC.


Recreation has started to use the TDBSC on a regular basis.


We have quite a few games scheduled with NESN this year. 


Old Business


Mark Thompson reported that as of September, Athletics will be reporting to him.  He is happy about the progress of the APR. 


Mark said he has met with all coaches to review all squad sizes.  He since

has met with them again to follow-up and he is the one that will sign off on

all changes to rosters.


Jill Martin asked about the future of volleyball.  Mark said that the trial is

scheduled for May.


Jill also asked about the future of the physical education department.  Mark

reported that it is still up and running.  There is no plan to get rid of it.


Sean Duffy still would like to discuss orientation process of student athletes.


New Business


Rich will come up with a December date for the next meeting – possibly

at TDBSC before a game.   Athletics Holiday Party is Thursday,

December 17th.


Meeting adjourned at 5:20 PM






Athletic Council Meeting Minutes – September 30, 2009


Attendees:   Anne Balogh, Kevin Basmadjian, Alyssa Bukofsky, Andy Delohery, Sean Duffy, Rich Ferguson, Tracey Flynn, Rich Hanley, Mark Hoffman, Carla Knowlton, Alex Laskin, Jill Martin, Jack McDonald, John Morgan, Lyneene Richardson


Meeting came to order at 4:10 PM


Introduction of New Members


Rich Hanley introduced new member Alex Laskin, Assistant Professor

of Public Relations to the group.   The Council then introduced themselves to Alex. Alicia Giaimo, Lab Coordinator for Diagnostic Imaging Program will also join the Council, but was not present.


Tracey Flynn gave the names of two student-athletes who will join the Council this year: Emily Bellish of Softball and Lailah Pratt of Women’s Basketball.


Report from Jack McDonald, Athletic Director


-Jack showed media promotions that will be used for Midnight Madness, including a Web site developed by a company headed by an alumni. The site has received thousands of hits  and is working out very well.  Jack also demonstrated how students and staff can vote on their phones for specific things such as songs played in the arena by texting.


-Volleyball status – the team had their first conference win and are doing



-Competitive Cheer is nationally growing rapidly.    Right now there are

 two groups – Competitive Cheer and Side-Line Cheer.  The group is

 currently considering changing the name Competitive Cheer to something

 more appropriate.


-Roster management is doing well.  Athletics will hire  a consulting firm to discuss roster management with coaches and staff.  Quinnipiac’s roster numbers are comparable to the national average for each sport. Gender equity also is in line with national averages. We all are committed

 to making these numbers work.


-Fall sports update:  Men’s Soccer is still undefeated, hasn’t lost a game yet.

 Women’s Cross Country won the QU Invitational.   Rich Hanley asked how

 the coaches are adjusting to the reduction of non-conference games and Jack responded that they don’t like it.  Coaches would like to play as many non-conference games that they can.


Physical Education Status


Jack told the group that Linda Wooster has been hired part-time to overlook

the physical education program.  She will be reporting directly to Ed O’Connor.  Physical Education is still a very strong program.


Compliance – Tracey Flynn


Tracey reported that things are moving along smoothly.  Had little problems with getting athletes on the court and fields.  Mark Thompson is starting to meet with the coaches on their APR’s. 


Alyssa Bukofsky reported on the men’s basketball APR.  She said it will be between 957 and 978 for 2008-09 depending upon if an adjustment request is granted. Quinnipiac’s multi-year APR will be between 894 and 898.  If the University does not out-perform the bottom 10% of all men’s basketball Division I teams, it could lose a scholarship and reduce practice time in 2010-11 year.


Lyneene Richardson said the rest of the team’s APR’s are good.


Jill Martin asked about space for Power Hours.  Lyneene said nothing has

changed.  Athletes are using the conference room and the small power hour

room.  She has looked into using the new cafeteria area for night-time use.

Rich Ferguson said that the Council did request space for power hours, but nothing has been done yet.  Rich Ferguson said that the University has no permanent space to give power hours.  Lyneene said we need space for around 130-140 students for three hours Monday through Thursday.


Lyneene also said that power hours are now being put right in the athlete’s

schedule.   There also is a problem with athletes registering for English and

Foreign Languages.  It seems that the last orientation students have the most

trouble only because they wait until this time to register.


A discussion was brought up about athletes missing classes for competition.

Sean Duffy said that professors are getting the letters about missing classes,

but are finding it hard to accommodate the athletes with other class times.


Old Business


-Rich and Jill took Linda Wooster out to lunch and gave her the gift from

 the Council.


-Jack reported on the use of TDBSC by students.  He said that Wednesday

 night from 7:00 – 10:00 PM will be dedicated to various student events.


 It will be used for three hours of skating, intramurals, and some championship games.  Also, the concourse will be used for jogging or walking.


New Business


Sports assignments will be assigned to new members soon.


Meeting adjourned at 5:35 PM.






Athletic Council Meeting Minutes – April 15, 2009


Attendees:  Alyssa Bukofsky, Lisa Burns, Sean Duffy, Rich Ferguson, Tracey Flynn,

Rich Hanley, Mark Hoffman, Ken Kaloustian, Keith Kerr,  John Leonard,

Jack McDonald, Lyneene Richardson, Angela Skyers, Linda Wooster


Meeting came to order at 4:40 PM


Rich Hanley reported on the meeting he and Jill Martin had with Mark

Thompson.  One of the topics was the relocating of the study hall site for

athletes.    Mark Thompson said there was a room in the Library that could

be dedicated specifically for athletes for their power hours.


On the subject of equalizing per-diem meal funds for all teams did not get a

favorable response.  It is unlikely to happen for the upcoming year.  It is in

the radar and Jack thinks it will eventually happen, but just not next year.


The plans to continue PE courses for academic credit was also a topic mentioned.

It looks like the University will continue it for next year, but it is not definite what

the future of the courses will be.  The council wants to keep an eye on this.


Jill Martin asked who Athletics will report to and is there a plan in place.

Rich Ferguson said that there is a plan and it will be announced some time

after the Board Meeting in May.


Jill also said that regarding the recording of the APR that they are planning to

have someone from each school to meet and review these files.  There will be

a committee appointed to review this.


General Announcements


APR’s from each school will be released to the media and public on Wednesday,

April 22.  We will be in good standing with no penalties for basketball.


Jack invited everyone to the Athletics Awards Ceremony on Wednesday,

April 22.  He would like all the liaisons to sit with the MVP from their teams.


We had 33 scholar-athletes recognized by the NEC this year.


Sports Updates


Discussion on our three dropped sports  - volleyball, golf, and outdoor track.

Jack explained that we had to have a 61% women and 38% men ratio for

equality.  In an attempt to get these numbers, we had to drop volleyball and

take on cheerleading.  Cheerleading will have 40 girls next year.


Compliance Update –   Tracey Flynn


-       Last signing period for sports was last week.

-       Expects around 50 student-athletes coming in on scholarships for next year.

-       Some rule changes – one with basketball changing to Grades 7 and 8 for



SAAC- Andy Mayer


-       SAAC needs to elect student-athlete of the year

-       Ice Cream Social scheduled for the Sunday before finals in Cafeteria


Lyneene announced that there will be a Postive Play event with Travis Roy on

Monday, April 27, at 8:00 PM


A motion was made to do something for Linda Wooster, who will be retiring in

June.  The Athletic Council would like to honor Linda and thank her for all her

dedication and wish her good luck in the future.


Motion was passed.


This will be the last meeting this semester.  The Council will meet again in



Meeting adjourned at 5:30 PM


Submitted by:

Connie Mancini




Athletic Council Meeting Minutes– March 4, 2009


Meeting came to order at 4:35 PM


Attendees:  Anne Balogh, Alyssa Bukofsky, Lisa Burns, Andy Delohery, Sean Duffy, Tracey Flynn, Suzanne Hudd, Keith Kerr, Carla Knowlton,  Dottie Lauria, John Leonard, Jill Martin, Andy Mayer, Jack McDonald, Lyneene Richardson, Linda Wooster, ,


Instead of breaking off to meet in Sub-Committees, Jack McDonald wanted to

make an announcement of the changes in the Athletic Department. 


It was announced by the University that three sports have been dropped.

Men’s Golf, Volleyball, and Men’s Outdoor Track.  It was also decided

that the Cheerleading program would be elevated to varsity status.


Andy Mayer talked about the Make-A-Wish t-shirt sale.  They earned $4,200

for Make-A-Wish.  Andy said this fundraiser went very well and money was

still coming in.  Check was presented to Make-A-Wish at the last basketball game.


Jill Martin reported that a letter went out to John Lahey regarding the council’s

concerns of meal money for all athletes, use of TD Banknorth for students, and

appoint someone from Academic Affairs to handle the APR data.  John Lahey

responded to this letter stating that he would bring it up at an upcoming meeting

in the Spring.


At this point, the meeting ended, but the Academic Sub-Committee met and

will present their report to the Council at our next meeting.


Next meeting will be a Wednesday in April to be determined later.


Meeting adjourned at 6:00 PM


Submitted by:

Connie Mancini



Athletic Council Meeting – January 12, 2009


Attendees:  Anne Balogh, Alyssa  Budkofsky, Andy Delohery, Rich Ferguson,

Rich Hanley, Suzanne Hudd, Keith Kerr, K arla Knowlton, John Leonard, Jill Martin,

Angela Mattie, Jack McDonald, Lyneene Richardson, Angela Skyers, Linda Wooster


Meeting came to order at 5:15 PM


 Recreation Updates – Linda Wooster


Spring semester intramurals will begin in January

There were faculty/staff fitness and wellness classes held over the semester break.

Planning for Student and Faculty/Staff Health Fairs. United Way final report almost

complete.  Studio usage is filled.


Jack played the “10th Anniversary of D-I” video for all attendees.  This video has been

shown on our TV games.


General Announcements


Meeting times have changed to 5:00 PM.  Our next meeting will be on Monday,

February 2, 2009 at 5:00 PM at TDBN.  We will meet at 5:00 PM and after meeting,

attend the women’s basketball game at 7:00 PM versus Mt. St. Mary’s.


Sub-Committee Report -  Jill Martin reported on Academic Affairs


The sub-committee responded to a few recommendations that the N4A Report



1)             An additional person should be considered in the academic services area

to monitor academics and grades.  Rich Hanley will talk with Mark

Thompson to appoint someone to work with the APR.  Rich will do this

after the semester starts.


2)             Regarding the recommendation that a dedicated facility should be

identified to be used as study hall, the committee will make a recommendation to the Space Committee that there is a need for

this.  It was noted that the area where International Study offices

would be the best place.


MOTION – That this body recommend to the Space Committee that there is a need

for additional space for use for a study hall for student-athletes.


Motion was passed -  14 – 0



3)             Discontinue double credits for using the Tutoring Services.  Sub-committee

found this not to be a problem.  Athletes have power hours and when going

to get tutored, they can get double credit for every hour they are tutored.  Andy

noted that he is on top of this and will see if anyone is abusing this rule.


4)             Priority Registration was another recommendation that was noted.

The committee found that this is not necessary.  If we give the

athletes priority registration, then other groups would want the same

privilege and it would be overwhelming.


5)             A recommendation that the University should create a QU101 class for student-athletes.  Committee did not think this was workable.


Rich Hanley stated that we will create a document of all the recommendations and whether or not we agree or disagree with them.


Fall Term Grade Averages- Lyneene Richardson


QU’s 425 Student-Athletes posted a 3.14 GPA.

256 of 425 Student-Athletes (60%) achieved at least a 3.0

1 achieved a 4.0 cum GPA

131 student-athletes with a 3.5 GPA or higher

8 student-athletes with a 4.0 GPM this semester

13 teams (out of 21) achieved a 3.0 GPA

Women’s Soccer highest GPA for women – 3.44

Men’s Track highest GPA for men – 3.26


Sports Updates – Jack McDonald


All teams are doing well.  We need to get more people in the stands for basketball games.


Hall of Fame Induction is Saturday, February 28.  Anyone who would like to attend,

please let Jack know.  $45 for luncheon


Athletics has started cutting costs – attendance at conferences have been cut back.  5-10%

reduction for next year – less non-conference games will be played.  There will be one

less TV game being broadcasted for next year.


Compliance/SAAC Updates


Jack noted that in December we had a few great positive play programs.


Meeting adjourned at 6:30 PM to attend the women’s basketball game vs. Robert Morris.


Athletic Council Meeting – December 8, 2008


Attendees:  Anne Balogh, Kevin Basmadjian, Alyssa Bukofsky, Andy Delohery, Sean Duffy, Tracey Flynn, Rich Hanley, Mark Hoffman, Suzanne Hudd, Ken Kaloustian, Carla Knowlton, John Leonard, Jill Martin, Andy, Mayer, Jack McDonald, Lyneene Richardson, Angela Skyers, Linda Wooster


Committee members broke up into their sub-committees and met at 4:00 PM and

will report back to the Athletic Council meeting at 5:00 PM


Meeting came to order at 5:10 PM


General Announcements


Next Athletic Council meeting will be held on Monday, January 12, at 5:00 PM

at TD Banknorth – women’s basketball game will be at 7:00 PM vs Robert Morris

This meeting has since been confirmed and will be held in the women’s ice hockey

team room and will include dinner and tickets for the Athletics Council and their



Jill mentioned that maybe we should change the times of our meeting as a few

cannot make it on Mondays at 5:00 PM.  Rich suggested that everyone e-mail him

a few dates that they can make and he will get the general consensus and come up with a date.


Equity & Student-Athlete Welfare – Reported by Sean Duffy


Four topics were discussed in their sub-committee meeting:


1)             The self-study report showed that there was a concern for equity in teams.

Men and women numbers should be closer.  At the time of the report, we

had 48% men and 60% women.  We are working with roster management

to see that the women are carrying the same numbers as the men.  We have

made good results and we are moving in the right direction – right now we

have a 45/55 split.


2)             Racial incident was discussed.


3)             Spring Program was discussed.


4)             Meal Money issue was the main discussion.  Full scholarship athletes

get $980 a semester for food – this would pay for an average of 15 meals

a week.  The University has come up with a new plan that would give

the athletes $24/day for $2,400 a semester.  Right now, this new plan

will only cover Men’s and Women’s Basketball.


The board was not happy with this and would like to recommend

that the University reconsider and include all full scholarship athletes.

They feel this is not fair to the other athletes and would like this policy

to be uniform.  Jack and Tracey mentioned that this was a step in the right direction and that this is a start.  They mentioned that if there were any

dollars left over after the semester was over, that those funds could be

requested to be distributed to the other athletes in need.


This has been an ongoing problem for a number of years and Athletics feels that this is a breakthrough and hopefully others would benefit from it in the



Sean Duffy also reported on the plans for a Positive Play seminar on

homophobia in college athletics this spring.  This will be discussed further at

the next meeting.


Motion was made that this Council recommend to John Lahey that ALL full scholarship athletes

have three solid meals per day-give all full scholarship athletes $2400 per semester.                       


Motion was passed 11-0-1



Academics – Reported by Jill Martin


Sub-committee has reviewed the N4A report and came up with some recommendations.


1)             Continue to grow the Academic Staff

2)             The Reporting Structure

3)             Was this benefiting the students – no data yet


There was discussion about the N4A report saying that there was a conflict of interest in reporting of academics in the Athletic Department.  Right now Lyneene works on the

grades and then the Registrar signs off on them.


This committee suggested that someone in Academic Affairs be involved in this process,

therefore, having someone outside the department involved.


Motion was made to recommend to Mark Thompson to appoint someone from Academic Affairs to work with Lyneene and have responsibility for the APR reporting.


Motion was passed  10-0-0



Recreation – Reported by John Leonard  


Programs at TD Banknorth were very successful – both skating and intramural programs had very

positive responses.


Looking into having QU students to use Hamden/North Haven YMCA for swimming.


Anticipated opening of new Fitness Center on York Hill to be January 2010.


Motion was made to recommend to John Lahey that TD Banknorth be used for other recreational functions for ALL students.


Motion was passed.  10-0-0


Sean Duffy suggest we look into how Athletics can meet the needs of all students with

more classes, more fitness programs, and looking into club sports.


Governance – Reported by Tracey Flynn


Distribute NCAA Manuals – Bylaw 6, 10, 11


NEC On-Campus Compliance Review was here in November.  This happens once in four years.


Personnel continue to grow – full-time Assistant Compliance Coordinator position.


Things to be addressed:


-Bylaw 12.3.4 – Professional Sports Counseling Panel needs to be set up on campus.  Tracey envisions asking people from the law school, business school, and others to be available to provide counseling to student athletes who are considered entering professional sports.  The panel could exist, and only be activated when necessary.

-Governance/Institutional Control Review


The meeting adjourned at 6:10 PM.






Athletic Council Meeting – November 10, 2008


Present: Rich Hanley (Chair), Jill Martin (Vice-Chair), Andy Delohery, Ken Kaloustian, Angela Skyers, Rich Ferguson,  Anne Balogh, Keith Kerr, Sean Duffy (FAR), Mark Hoffman, Alyssa Budkofsky, Tracey, Flynn, Jack McDonald, Lyneene Richardson, Linda Wooster, John Leonard, Angela Mattei, Lisa Burns, Andy Mayer (Student-Athlete).




• Meeting Times

It was agreed that the meetings will alternate between Monday’s at 5pm and Monday’s at 12:00PM.


Next meeting will be on Monday , December 8, 2008 at 4pm (Sub-Committee)/5pm Full Council Meeting.


Future meeting possibilities:


Thu, Jan 8th at 5pm – Prior to MBBall game vs. Robert Morris at TD Banknorth SC

Mon, Feb 2nd  at 5pm – Prior to WBBall game vs. Mount St. Mary’s at TD Banknorth SC


• Athletics Council New Members


It was voted on the new members of the Athletics Council will be:


Kevin Basmadjian

Suzanne Hudd

Keith Kerr

Angela Skyers


• Academic Progress Rate


Lyneene Richardson reported that Quinnipiac’s APR has been submitted and that there were 10-12 APR adjustments that have been submitted.


Alyssa Budkofsky, reported that the Men’s Basketball Plan for Improvement has also been submitted and the Plan for Improvement is expected by the NCAA to be a working document.


Alyssa reported that QU’s 07-08 APR ranges from .960 to 1.000 (if all adjustments are approved)


• Seminar on Gay-Lesbian-BiSexual-Transgender for Student-Athletes


It was moved and passed that the Athletics Council support a seminar on GLBT for student-athletes and also to consider other seminars on Diversity.


• Updates


Sports – Jack McDonald reported on the Alumni Networking Reception, Cross Country wins NEC Championships for Men and Women, Men’s Soccer Advances to NEC Playoffs and QU’s very good NCAA Graduation Success Rate (GSR) of 87%, with seven teams with a 100% and men’s basketball at 91% GSR


Compliance – Tracey Flynn reported that the NEC will conduct an NCAA Compliance review on Nover 19th and 20th.


Recreation – Linda Wooster reported on a successful fall, the United Way campaign .



Athletic Council Meeting – October 6, 2008


Attendees:  Anne Balogh, Alyssa Bukofsky, Sean Duffy, Tracey Flynn, Rich Hanley, Mark Hoffman, Ken Kaloustian, Carla Kowlton, John Leonard, Jill Martin, Angela Mattie, Andy Mayer, Jack McDonald, Lyneene Richardson


Meeting came to order at 5:10 PM


General Announcements


New member was introduced – John Leonard, Visiting Assistant Professor of Economics in the School of Business.  Jill Martin mentioned that both Penny Leisring, Associate

Professor of Psychology and Keith Kerr, Associate Professor of Sociology both were planning on attending this meeting, but since they were not officially appointed yet, they

didn’t feel they should be here today.  As soon as they are appointed, they will start attending.  We will need three new people to fill the three vacancies – Eric Bronson,

Jack Leary, and Kevin Taylor.  We also received one resignation recently of Don Kowalsky, who said because of scheduling conflicts, he can no longer be part of this council.


Jill Martin asked Rich Hanley how big should the board be.  Jack McDonald commented that it should be as big as all the athletic teams.  We have 21 sports- we will need 17 sports liaisons to cover all of them.  Jill would like to give each member only one team and cover it well rather than have two.


Rich will review the list of members and the sports and get back with the assignments

by our next meeting.


N4A Report


Jack McDonald went over the report received back from the consultants.


1)             Additional Staff members should be considered in the academic services unit,

Compliance office and office of athletic certification. 


We were found to be definitely understaffed in this area.  This probably will

Not be acted on by the President or the Cabinet at this time.


2)             A policy should be developed and implemented for contact with the office of

Admissions, financial aid and the registrar’s office preventing coaches from

having direct contact with these offices.     


Ideally, we would like to see a person hired that would work for admissions, registrar, financial aid, and maybe athletics that would work with coaches and follow the recruits through the whole process.


3)             A dedicated facility should be identified to be used for study hall.


This will happen eventually, but not at this time.  With the expansion of the

college, more space may be allotted for use as study halls.


4)             The Men’s Basketball academic support director’s position should be allowed

to oversee other sport teams or areas of administration.


Alyssa Bukofsky will be asked to try to help with other sports.


5)             Immediate attention should be given to other teams to make certain that they

Do not become an APR concern resulting in further penalties.


Ongoing concern and we are always looking at other teams to prevent this from happening.


6)             Priority Registration should be implemented for student-athletes allowing

Them the opportunity to create schedules that do not cause excessive class absences due to travel for athletic competitions.


Rich Hanley said that this committee will look into this, but not sure this will

have any affect on the APR.


7)             A course (QU101) dedicated to life skills, student-athlete issues, and   

University issues should be created for student-athletes.


We as a committee cannot support this at this time.


8)             The certification of eligibility and APR data should be completed and

Submitted by the registrar’s office or certifying officer.


The campus tool that we use to certify athletes was not correct.  The tool was



9)             Academic support counselors should be trained to read student-athlete degree

Audits so that they can monitor progress towards graduation.


10)          Continued rules education should be conducted for the entire athletic

Department to include the discussion of APR rules, initial and continuing eligibility and athletic contact policy.


We have rules education and will continue to do this.


11)          Team building exercises should be implemented for the academic services



Rich Hanley asked what the timeline was to meet these recommendations.  Alyssa said we can use this report on our waiver and say that we are working on x, y, and z.  Jill

Martin asked what, we, as the committee, can get involved in.  Jack said we could work on

Staffing and priority registration at this time.


Rich Hanley noted that he would like to mention this at the Academic Sub-Committee and see what backing they would give us.   Lyneene would like us to look into more

Life-Skills programs.




Jack McDonald said that the Hall of Fame inductees were approved by the Athletic

Advisory Board.  It consisted of ten athletes and two teams:


Richard Barry – Men’s Basketball ‘95

Tim Belcher – Men’s Baseball ’97 and Coach

Mark Krauter, Men’s Soccer ‘85

Alicia Longobardi – Women’s Softball ‘97

Bill Mecca – Administrator

Edward Muzyka – Men’s Ice Hockey ‘86

Christina Nasta – Volleyball ‘94

Michael Quitko – Tennis Coach   

Tara Thibeault – Women’s Field Hockey ‘98

Kimberly Witteman – Women’s Soccer ‘95

Women’s Basketball Team –‘83-‘84

Men’s Baseball – ‘83


All above will be honored at a brunch on Saturday, February 28, 2009.


Jack mentioned that both soccers have two super stars right now – Furtuna Velaj, women’s soccer, and Graciano Brito, men’s soccer.


Baseball field renovations have been approved and will start sometime soon.


Compliance/SAAC Updates


NEC Compliance Campus Review will be Wednesday and Thursday, November 19-20, 2008.  Assistant Commissioner will visit for two days to interview a couple of coaches, about four student-athletes, AD, FAR, SWA, and liaison staff from Financial Aid, Admissions, Registrar and Learning Center.


Recreation Updates


Intramurals has suffered lately because of poor weekend weather.  Volleyball and

Basketball begin on four indoor courts.


Fitness/Wellness – Many fun programs have been scheduled like Cardio Strip Tease and Yogafit.


Physical Education –Spring 2009 schedules have been submitted.


Recreation – Linda is United Way Chairperson and busy with Appreciation Luncheon and Kickoff Luncheon.  Online giving will be offered this year.


Next meeting will be held on Monday, November 10, 2008 at 5:00 PM.  May meet as a

Group and then split into sub-committees.


Meeting was adjourned at 6:10 PM


Submitted by

Connie Mancini




Athletic Council Meeting Minutes – September 8, 2008



Attendees:  Eric Bronson, Alyssa Bukofsky, Lisa Burns, Sean Duffy, Rich Ferguson,

Tracey Flynn, Rich Hanley, Mark Hoffman, D. Lauria, Jack Leary, Jill Martin,

Angela Mattie, Jack McDonald, Tom Moore, John Morgan, Lyneene Richardson,

Linda Wooster


Meeting came to order at 4:20 pm.


Eric Bronson noted that this was his last meeting and that a new Chair would have

to be appointed.  There was an unanimous vote that Rich Hanley would take the

position of Chair of the Athletic Council.   There was also a unanimous vote to make

Jill Martin Vice-Chair of the Athletic Council.


There is a need for new members because of three members not returning.  Eric Bronson, Arts & Science; Jack Leary, Arts & Science; and Kevin Taylor, School of Business.

Eric Bronson mentioned that there were two people that were interested in joining

the Council – Penny Leisring, Associate Professor of Psychology and Keith Kerr, Associate Professor of Sociology. We would still need to get someone from the

Business Department.  Angela Mattie said that she would get us some names at her next department meeting.


Jack McDonald asked Jill Martin about the by-laws and she reported that everything

looked good at this time.


Congratulations went out to Mark Hoffman and Tracey Flynn for being getting the

Center For Excellence awards.  They are to be honored on Thursday, October 16th.


Eric Bronson announced that Jack Leary would be getting a Knights of Columbus

Service Award on October 26th.  Anyone interested in attending, please see Eric.


Recreation Updates


Intramural registration closed last week with a record 2,200 students to participate.


Fitness/Wellness classes have started – Linda passed out schedule of aerobic/yoga classes.


Physical Education – 583 of 590 spaces filled for Fall Classes – schedule passed out.


Recreation – Studio schedules are up.  Linda Wooster with Tami and Mike are chairing

the United Way campaign this year.  Linda is involved in the planning of the new York Hill facility.


N4A Certification Updates


Jack talked about the certification and noted some of the recommendations that the committee made.  Reminded everyone that we lost a scholarship and that we did make a coaching change.  Jack noted that our basketball plan for improvement is a working

document.  A plan for implementation is to be submitted by November 7.


The role of the Athletic Council will be to support changes – we should take this very

seriously, but everything is very achievable.   Several things were noted:


-       Everyone sees the plan so we do what we say we are going to do.

-       That we require transcripts for all official and unofficial visits submitted to the

Compliance Office prior to their visits.

-       Increase progress repots for the basketball teams  - not just at midterm

-       Pay attention to missed class time

-       Continue to educate coaching staff about APR and show them how to implement


Angela Mattie asked what they are professors can do to help.  Sean Duffy said we shouldn’t only help basketball and let the other teams fall into the same problem.  We

should be working on helping all teams.


Tom Moore spoke and noted that ten out of the twelve scholarships he has right now have

Just come in within the last two years.  He thinks he is going in the right direction.  He said that when coaches change, the athletes find it a good time to make a change and

therefore, that’s why there were so many transfers and athletes that have left.


Recommendations from the Certification Report:


1)             Additional staff members for academic service and compliance office.

2)             Policy developed for contact with the office of admissions, financial aid and the registrar’s office preventing coaches from having direct contact with these offices.

3)             A dedicated facility should be identified to be used for study hall.

4)             Allysa and Lyneene together for the whole department.

5)             Attention to other teams that they don’t fall into the same pattern.

6)             Priority registration for classes for athletes.

7)             A course (QU 101) dedicated to life skills, student-athlete issues and university issues should be created for student-athletes.

8)             The certification of eligibility and APR data should be completed and submitted by the registrar’s office or certifying officer.

9)             Academic support counselors should be trained to read student-athlete degree audits so that they can monitor progress towards graduation.

10)          Continued rules education should be conducted for the entire athletic department.

11)          Team building exercises should be implemented for the academic services



Compliance Updates:


Tracey announced that the University has made a commitment to adding a full-time

permanent position in Compliance.  Bob Tipson has taken over that job.


Jack thanked Eric Bronson for his years serving as Chair of this committee and wished

him well in his new position.


Next meeting will be Monday, October 6, at 4:30 PM


Meeting was adjourned at 5:18 PM


Submitted by:

Connie Mancini








Athletic Council Meeting Minutes – April 7, 2008


Attendees:  Anne Balogh, Eric Bronson, Rich Ferguson, Rich Hanley, Ken Kaloustian, Carla Knowlton, Jack Leary, Jack McDonald, Lyneene Richardson, Linda Wooster


Meeting came to order at 4:30 pm.


Jack McDonald talked about the APR public announcement by the NCAA.  On Thursday, April 24, the NCAA will recognize the top academically performing teams.  Those team with the NCAA Division I Academic Progress Rate (APR) in the top 10% within their sport.  On Tuesday, May 6, there will be a release of the public version of the APR and penalty reports and aggregate data for all NCAA Division I institutions.


Lyneene Richardson spoke about our teams and what their Academic Progress Rates were.  All of our teams made the cutoff point of 925.  Our Men’s Basketball was the only team below that mark.  The APR improvement plan for Men’s Basketball was turned into the NCAA and has been approved.  Steps are now being taken to improve their score.  The specific steps taken were:  Change of Coach and the hiring of an Academic Support person.  Also, Craig Benson, a former basketball player has graduated and Chris Weye, a former basketball player will continue his studies to graduate.  That will help. There are three teams that we need to watch.  Women’s Ice Hockey, Men’s Soccer, and Golf are the three teams.


Registration has started and if athletes don’t register within 24 hours, they will miss classes and games.


Rich Hanley spoke about the response to the letter he wrote to Val Belmonte on behalf of the Athletic Council.  In Rich’s letter, he asked about the usage of the TDBN for two situations – one public skate and one intramural Basketball tournament.  Rich thought the response was awful, but Rich Ferguson said that he thought the letter was okay in that it states that in the summer of 2008, they will look into the request again. 


Dates to note:

Scholar Athletic Reception will be on April 14th in Burt Kahn Court at 4:30 PM.


Athletic Awards will be on Wednesday, April 30th, at 6:00 PM at TDBN.  Jack asked if all the Athletic Council members would be there to join their sport for the MVP presentations.  This would give the team a chance to see the liaison of their specific sport.


Lyneene and Jack talked about the Alumni Networking Event that happened last Thursday.  With the help of Nick Wormley, Alumni Affairs, alumni were brought back to QU to speak to our junior and senior athletes about careers and life after college.  This was a huge success.  Many alumni and many students were present.


Lyneene mentioned that the two senior scholar athletes were:


Carolyn Schmolz, Softball, 3.78, Journalism

Joseph Capalbo, Men’s Lacrosse, 3.73, Economics


Also, Andy Mayer, Baseball, was selected to attend the Leadership Conference in Florida in May.


Jack McDonald commented about our coaches being at the Admitted Students Day.  All our coaches hold group sessions and talk about their sport.  The “spirit groups” were overwhelming.  Mary Ann Powers did a great job talking to a large group of girls that were interested in cheerleading and dance groups.  There is a huge interest in girls coming to QU that want to be part of the “spirit groups”.


Recreation, Intramurals & Physical Education Updates:


Linda Wooster reported:

-Intramurals is doing well.  They will begin softball and volleyball this week.

-Participated in the Health & Wellness Fair sponsored by Student Health Services. 

-Little Sibs Weekend is coming up.  Will need help with over 65 children expected to be

 on campus.

-Fishing weekend last weekend went well.


Jack mentioned Relay for Life this past weekend was great.  Their goal was to raise $35,000 – they actually raised $112,000.


Meeting was adjourned at 5:30 pm.


Submitted by:

Connie Mancini







Athletic Council Meeting Minutes – March 3, 2008


Attendees:  Anne Balogh, Lisa Burns, Andy Delohery, Rich Ferguson, Roger Fish, Tracey Flynn, Rich Hanley, Mark Hoffman, Carla Knowlton, Angela Mattie, Jack McDonald, John Morgan, Lyneene Richardson, Linda Wooster


Meeting came to order at 4:30.


Rich Hanley, Vice-Chair, was standing in for Eric Bronson, who was still recuperating from surgery.


Sub-committees met in different rooms for about 30 minutes and returned to main meeting with their reports.


Equity and Student Athlete Welfare – Jack McDonald reported --Upon reviewing the Certification Report, there was a need to improve gender equity.  The plan is to increase 4-7% of women by 2011.  Our numbers have improved – 51% women; 49% men, but still have more work to be done.  The next step is to work on roster management for next Fall. Coaching staff have been pretty good with numbers. Tracey Flynn did note that there were a few different ways the coaches have been using to report their numbers.


Academics --  Lyneene Richardson reported – Two issues were discussed – missed class time and priority registration.  One missed classes there are different ways that the professors get informed.  The letters have been working out well, but some faculty would like to see these letters prior to registration so they know when the classes will be missed.

Rich Hanley asked if a letter from the Council would be helpful to the faculty discussing these letters and missed classes.


Talk about Spring Break departures was also brought up.  Coaches have to stick to the letters and don’t leave earlier than they previously have committed to.


Rich Hanley said there is a need for this committee to put in order what the spring break policy should be.   We need a universal rule on this.  Jack McDonald will discuss this topic at his next Athletic Staff Meeting.


Also, the issue on the power hour room was discussed.  The room they presently use is dark and dreary and not a very conducive place to study.


Governance and Compliance --  Tracey Flynn reported – They did a quick review of the topics and have updated some of them.  The plan for improvements is to look at other departments and what their needs are for compliance.  Once they get this, they will be able to see how they can support it.   We need audit of department and can see what can be done differently.  Council can recommend improvements and help get it passed.

We need to state specific proposal – needs to be decentralized.  We need to access what needs to be changed and then change it accordingly.


Jack mentioned that we have asked for an assistant compliance coordinator for the past two years.


Recreation –  Linda Wooster reported --  There are two main concerns for recreation – replacement of equipment that is unsafe to use and future use of the TDBN for students, intramurals, and special events, etc.  


Linda said that with the building of new dorms up at York Hill, that there will be a huge need for recreation for students up there.  Also, the 2008 intramural basketball championships would like to use the new building. Everyone was told that in the year

08-09, they would review the usage situation and report back to everyone.


Rich Hanley suggested that this committee should propose something to Manny for using the indoor and outdoor facility at York Hill.


Motion was made for this council to back the decision to use TD Banknorth for some events such as intramural basketball championships and QU open skate.


Linda Wooster  - First

Anne Balogh – Seconded


Motion was passed.


Tracey talked about the end-of-season surveys.  She wanted to know if any of the members would be interested in being involved in the surveys.   She suggested if the sport liaison would like to be present when these surveys are being given.  The liaison can be there just in case the athlete has questions or comments about anything that they would prefer not to tell the coaches directly.   Everyone thought this was a good idea.


Angela Mattie asked if the liaison can be introduced to the coaches and team and let them know that they are here to help.  The liaison also should be visible at the games.

Jack McDonald said he will put this on his agenda for his next staff meeting.


General Announcements


Baseball field will not be done this summer, but will start next year.


DeMario Anderson’s last second shot at Central has made national radio and TV.  Video is out everywhere.


Women’s basketball plays Central today and if they win, they will have captured the Championship.


Men’s Ice Hockey will play best out of three games this weekend at TDBN.  The team has read to elementary school children twice this month as community service.


Pink-Out was a fantastic project.  Everything worked out well.  Sale of shirts was outstanding.  Women in sports day was also a great success.


APR Plan for Improvement – Tracey reported in Lyneene’s absence.  Men’s basketball has fallen below established minimum for the second year.  Last year, we submitted a plan for improvement.  The hiring of an academic support person has been administered.  It has been the best GPA in men’s basketball in the history of the team.


Leadership nominations have been submitted and hoping to get two athletes accepted and will be attending conference in Florida.


Mid-term reports have been sent out to faculty and in the process of being reported to athletes now.


Recreation Updates --  Linda Wooster handed out  a sheet on  fitness and wellness activities, intramural activities, and upcoming recreation events.  She noted that there is a meeting scheduled to talk about the future use of the Burt Kahn Court by recreation. 


Meeting was adjourned at 5:55 pm


Submitted by:

Connie Mancini 





Athletic Council Meeting Minutes – February 4, 2008


Attendees:  Anne Balogh, Eric Bronson, Lisa Burns, Rich Ferguson, Roger Fish,

Tracey Flynn, Rich Hanley, Ken Kaloustian, Jack Leary, Jack McDonald, Kevin Taylor


Meeting came to order at 5:45 PM at the TD Banknorth women’s hockey lounge.


Eric Bronson announced that Rich Hanley is the new Vice Chair of the Athletic Council. Eric would like to have all the sub-committees set before the next meeting.  He will send out an e-mail with the list.


Physical Education discussion at January Planning Session  -- Jill Martin asked about the use of the TDBN facility for recreation in preparation for accreditation at our last month’s meeting.  This is now an open issue because of the new resident halls being built.  The building and outside playing fields have to be decided on soon.  John Lahey has said that we should get through one full year in the facility and then we’ll see for the upcoming years.


Jack commented that the TDBN building has been built with extra locker rooms and bathrooms to accommodate visitors.   There have been a great number of students who would like to use the building in some way or another, including physical education and intramurals.


The Athletics Council feels that TD Banknorth Sports Center should allow outside groups, specifically those from the QU community, to use the center in the spring semester 2009.


Eric Bronson suggested that the committee invite Val to our next meeting to address this issue.  He said we should have a plan in place by the Fall of 2009.


General Announcements:


Jack reported that for the first time EVER all 21 sports had a GPA of 2.5 or better.  Quinnipiac led the league for most in the academic honor roll.  Along with their community service, all athletes are doing well.  Kathleen McCourt had a “risk student” meeting and all our athletes did well.  Eric Bronson noted that all feedback from professors of men’s basketball students have been positive.


Roger Fish reported on the “Pink Out” for February 22 at the Cornell game.  SAAC is selling pink t-shirts for $10.  There is also going to be a women’s basketball game that week where all the players will wear pink shoelaces.  A women’s ice hockey game all the players will wear pink jerseys and they will be auctioned off for charity.


Monday, April 14, SAAC is sponsoring their 4th Annual Scholar-Athlete Reception at

Burt Kahn Court – invitations will be going out soon.


Tracey noted that this week is a “dead period” for some teams and NLI’s are being sent out.


Team Updates – Men’s Basketball is 8-2; Women’s Basketball is 8-1; Men’s Ice Hockey is in third place in ECAC (16th in country); Women’s Ice is struggling


Track has been doing well.  Cross Country teams will be honored at tonight’s basketball game.


Baseball will be playing UCONN in May of this year for the first time.  Baseball fields are our next priority with updating.


Not playing UCONN in basketball next year.


Jack reported that we would request for three additional full-time personnel:  Assistant Compliance Officer; Strength/Conditioning person; and a Business Manager. The certification committee recommended three things:  priority registration; assistant compliance officer; and a strength/conditioning person.


The Athletics Council fully supports a permanent, full-time Assistant Compliance Officer position in the Department of Athletics.


We also are requesting for a full-time lacrosse coach.  Our part-time coaches make very little and we would like to increase their salaries.


Lisa Burns commented that she has gotten quite a bit of inquires from lacrosse girls who need help registering for classes.  Discussion about priority registration was held.  Jack Leary said we should leave well enough alone.  Our system is working well now and if we start this for athletes, others will want it also.


Hall of Fame will be in February of 2009.  Will start with the nominations soon.


Rich Ferguson reported that Sean Duffy is working on the NCAA surveys and will be working with Mark Hoffman to enter them on “Survey Monkey”.


Tracey noted that the NEC honor roll was out and we had two Scholar Athletes –

Kristen Stevens from Women’s Cross Country and Meghan Dahle from Field Hockey.

Seventy-seven student athletes were named to the All-Conference honor roll.


Spirit Week will be February 18-22.  Each day there will be a special event.  Posters will be made by each team and displayed in the Cafeteria.


Lyneene was at a conference in Kansas City, but Tracey said Lyneene has submitted four names for the Annual Leadership Conference to be held in Walt Disney World in June.


Linda Wooster was not presented, but left a handout sheet with recreation/PE/intramural updates.


Next meeting will be on Monday, March 3.  Time and location will be forthcoming.


Meeting adjourned at 6:45 PM – Women’s basketball game starts at 7:00 PM


Submitted by:

Connie Mancini




Athletics Council Meeting – December 17, 2007


Attendees:   Anne Balogh, Eric Bronson, Andy Delohery, Rich Ferguson, Rich Hanley, Mark Hoffman, Ken Kaloustian, Carla Knowlton, Dottie Lauria, Jack Leary, Jill Martin, Angela Mattie, Tracey Flynn, Jack McDonald, Lyneene Richardson, Kevin Taylor, Linda Wooster


Meeting came to order at 12:15 PM.


Eric Bronson wanted to set up the next Athletic Council Meeting for February 4 at 5:30 PM at the TDBN right before a women’s basketball game.  Everyone agreed.


A discussion was held about the By-Laws.  Jill has the master copy and all corrections should be addressed to her.


Motion was made to Accept As Amended the Athletic Council By-Laws


Ken Kaloustian made the motion and Angela Mattie seconded it. 


Motion was passed unanimously.


Jill will revise and send to all via e-mail.  Jack McDonald would like to post the document to the website.


Spring Break Trips – Everything will stay as is for this year’s trips.  Starting next Spring, 2009, all trips will have to adhere to the new rules.   For all home games, S/A will miss classes from two hours before game time.  These rules will be posted in the Student Athlete manual.  Also, all travel letters to the professors will state report time and leave time.


Eric Bronson was elected Chair for next year and Rich Hanley will serve as Vice Chair.


Talking about the sub-committees, Eric asked if anyone would like to change, as there is an unbalance with the committees.  There are too many people on the academics and not enough on recreation.  Rich Hanley, Carla Knowlton, Jill Martin, and Linda Wooster have added Recreation to their sub-committees.


Jill asked about sports liaisons.  She wanted to know who was assigned to what.  Jack said if any one wanted something different, please let him know so he could change it.


Linda reported on Recreation Updates:  Twenty-four out of 644 spots are still available for Recreation.  Adding Ballroom Dancing and Weightlifting.


Intramurals and Fitness had a very successful Fall semester. The subject of Fitness equipment was brought up.  Linda reported that we should be embarrassed with the equipment we now have.  Most of the equipment is so old and could be a hazard to our students.  Safety is an issue.  Linda is having the equipment evaluated and will report back with the results.  This could be a liability issue also.


There is no money in the budget to replace this equipment.  It has been asked every year and it has been turned down every year.


Locker rooms for the public is another concern and also refinishing the studio floors.


Tracey reported that SAAC has been very busy.  They have collected $10 from each student-athlete and they sponsored 25 families at Thanksgiving .  S/A bought everything and delivered it to the Hamden Youth Services.


The money also went to books and toys at Christmastime for two classrooms at the Youth Services.


This was the 7th year that SAAC sponsored free cookies and ice cream study.  Over 600 students participated.


One upcoming activity for SAAC will be a “Pink Out” for Breast Cancer.  It will be on February 22 and all the profits will be donated to the foundation.


Another function they are working on is an “Athlete Ball” which will be held in the Athletic Center.


They are also working on the Scholar Athlete Reception.  Invitations to all faculty will be mailed out this year instead of inviting just one faculty member.


Lyneene is waiting for grades to come out.   Everything should be okay.  We punished student athletes who didn’t register on time with sitting out one game.  First year we did this.


Sports Update:  Jack told about a cross country incident and that the S/A will sit out a meet, met with Tyrone Black, and will be disciplined by Student Affairs.


Jack told everyone that Men’s Lacrosse will leave their present league because of Bryant coming in.  Also, Baseball fields will be the next emphasis to be addressed this coming year.


Holiday party will be on Thursday, December 20th, at 4:00 PM in Studio A.


Meeting was adjourned at 1:20 PM.


Submitted by: 


Connie Mancini



Athletic Council Meeting – November 5, 2007


Attendees:  Anne Balogh, Eric Bronson, Sean Duffy, Roger Fish, Tracey Flynn, Rich Hanley, Mark Hoffman, Jackie Herb, Jack McDonald, Kevin Taylor, Linda Wooster


Meeting came to order at 12:00 Noon


Congratulations was made to the Red Sox for winning the World Series.  Eric Bronson noted that if the Indians had the money the Red Sox had, they too would have won.


Review of By-Laws


By-Laws were drawn up by Jill Martin, Rich Hanley, and Rich Ferguson.  As Jill was appointed to being the watchdog for the Athletic Department, there were a few things that Jill wanted to address.


Article VI – There are four committees:  Academics, Equity & Student Welfare, Recreation, and Governance.  There is concern that we should add a fifth – Diversity.  It was decided that we would add Diversity with Equity, Diversity & Student Welfare.  We would re-title that committee.


Each committee would elect their own chairperson.  It was announced that if anyone in the Academics group that would want to switch to Recreation, please let Jack or Eric know.


Article IV – There will be a chair and a vice-chair in this committee and they will be elected by the voting members each Spring.


Some concerns that Jill had with meeting the Compliance Report:


            -Survey faculty about missed classes

            -Survey coaches

            -Class attendance policy

            -Game attendance policy

            -Travel policy


Some of these have already been missed for the first year of reporting.


Eric Bronson mentioned that Mark Hoffman has access to a survey company that could survey faculty and coaches.  This company can tabulate the answers and we can then present them to our board.  An assigned committee could organize survey and report back to the Athletic Council.  Need to know from faculty what is expected before and after missed class time.  Also need to know from coaches what travel time they require for each season.


Jack McDonald mentioned that we do have a grid in our handbook that states travel time for away games along with the roster management.


Spring Trip Policy—Jack talked about spring trips and missed class times.  Liaison should be used to help with the decision, but Jack will have the final decision on Spring trips.  It was stated that we would stick to Friday at 5:00 PM for the earliest time to leave on a trip.


We will notify everyone now and will start to abide by it for year 2009.


Rich Hanley noted that classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays, student athletes could possibly leave on Thursdays, as it was the last day that those classes met.


Jack will check all the spring dates for this year and report back to the committee at the next meeting.


APR Update-   Jack told everyone that there is a meeting every Friday with Basketball.

Last Friday, they presented the Basketball coaches with a grid going back to 2008 with all the APR’s.  Last year’s APR was terrible.  If we fall below 925, we can be hit with penalties.  Such penalties can be if a student is let go for academics, we will not be able to replace them.  Tracey did a great job reporting on the APR to Basketball coaches.


Academic Progress Rate is a year-to-year review of athletes here on scholarship.  We have 260 athletes here.  Points are given for academic and retention.  There are a possible two points for each semester.  This is done in the Fall and Spring.  Men’s Basketball was the only sport that fell below.  Public release of information will be in the Spring 2008.  It can be found on line on the NCAA website.


Graduation Success Rate will be announced soon.  We have an 84% graduation rate.  This is an increase by 4% from pervious year.


Kevin Taylor discussed his concern for men’s basketball having a large number of black athletes and asked if he could get involved in that committee.  He seems to think that there is a cultural issue with Basketball and maybe he could get involved and be of some help.


We hope there will be some improvements in men’s basketball as we have new coaches and a new academic coordinator now in place.


Roger Fish reported that at their monthly SAAC meetings, student athletes are very concerned about their scheduling of classes.  They would like to have priority scheduling.  With practice and games, athletes are limited to the times they can take classes.  Tracey noted that the Registrar’s Office does put in all their practice times so they don’t schedule classes during that time. 


Jack said we all agree that there is a need for priority scheduling, but nothing can be done at this time.  Rich Hanley said it would be nice to see exactly what the student athlete is being denied and how many are facing the same problem. We may want to take a survey of all the student-athletes to find out exactly what classes they are having trouble getting into.


Fall Sports—Men’s Soccer had their best year ever.  They were ranked 15th in the first NCAA poll of the 2007 season.  They received votes for the College Soccer News National top 30 polls which was an historic achievement for the program.  Unfortunately, they had a meltdown and didn’t make the playoffs. Jack commented that Eric Da Costa should be commended on how he handled all the problems the team had during the last few weeks.   He handled everything like a pro.


Men’s and Women’s cross country won the NEC Championships.


Volleyball has shown some improvements and they do have great recruits coming in for next year.  New coach is very excited about how the program is progressing.


Winter Sports – Hockey has started already and men’s and women’s basketball will play this weekend.  There will be 16 games scheduled for TV this year.




-The web site is up and running in time for physical education class registration.


-Fitness and Wellness programs are frequent and ongoing.  Cardio strip tease, hip hop, weight lifting competition and turkey trot fun run are scheduled for the next week.  Plans are being made for the first “Zumba” session.


-Intramural football and soccer semi-finals and championships are scheduled for Super Sunday, Nov. 11th.  3x3 basketball and 4x4 volleyball are ongoing in the Rec Center and Burt Kahn gym.


-Physical education class registration is progressing at a frenzied pace.  As of today, there are only 83 spots remaining – out of over 600….and registration continues until Nov. 14th.


-Plans are being made for an end-of-the-semester Ballroom Dancing session and a faculty “do wop” lunchtime swing dance lesson.


Jack invited everyone to our annual Xmas Party on Thursday, December 13th, from

4:00 – 7:00 PM in Studio A.


Next meeting will be on Monday, December 17th, at Noon in the Athletic Conf. Room.


Meeting adjourned at 1:00 PM


Submitted by:

Connie Mancini



Athletic Council Meeting – October 1, 2007


Attendees:  Anne Balogh, Eric Bronson, Lisa Burns, Roger Fish, Tracey Flynn, Rich Hanley, Jackie Herb, Carla Knowlton, Jack Leary, Angela Mattie, Alyssa Budkofsky

Late:  Sean Duffy, Dottie Lauria, Linda Wooster


Meeting came to order at 4:20 pm.


Eric Bronson discussed date and times of future Athletic Council meetings.  He noted that several members cannot make Mondays at 4:15 as they are in class.  First Mondays of the month seem okay, as it is always easy to remember. 


Tracey Flynn suggested that maybe we could change the time to lunch and maybe everyone would be able to make that time.  Jack Leary and Jill Martin will not be able to make it at all on November 5th.


It was decided that the next meeting would be on November 5th at Noon at TD Banknorth.


The topic of Spring Break Trips was discussed.  Both Eric Bronson and Lisa Burns discussed the women’s lacrosse request of traveling outside of Athletics normal policy.  Lisa told everyone that women’s lacrosse had a problem with returning from a spring trip, but it has recently been resolved.


Both Eric Bronson and Sean Duffy have discussed this issue and they felt uneasy talking to coaches directly and telling them when they should travel.  They suggested that this committee only advise the Athletic Director on their thoughts and then the Athletic Director would tell the coaches.


Angela Mattie suggested that the committee state that every effort will be made to not miss any classes prior to and after spring trips.  If there is a problem with this, the AD will make the call.


Eric Bronson said the committee should discuss this with Bill Mecca, as he is the one who schedules the games.


Eric Bronson talked about sub-committees and that everyone had been assigned a sub-committee.  He told everyone if they were unhappy with the assignment, please notify Jack McDonald and he would try to change it.  Everyone on these sub-committees will be working closely with Jill Martin, as she is the one who is ultimately responsible for everyone’s responsibilities associated with that sub-committee.




Tracey Flynn introduced Roger Fish and Jackie Herb and asked them to report on SAAC.


Roger Fish reported that last Sunday was the first meeting of SAAC for this year.  They talked about community service projects that they wanted to do this year.  Also talked about what the student-athlete thought there was a need to change certain things this year.

Roger said everyone had good ideas and there were a lot of things that SAAC wanted to accomplish this year.


Tracey also reported on Compliance.  There were still a few teams that are still not certified to play.  There are a total of 407 athletes on our list – this changes from day to day.


Coaches have been dealing with roster management with the gender equity problem.  A few male teams will have to cut players and the female teams will try to add new athletes.

We are trying to control this issue and may alter the way coaches recruit.


On the academic side – last week was National Hazing Week and this week is Sexual Harassment Awareness.  Power hours is going well.  Men’s Basketball has new space and it seems to be working out okay.  Lyneene is working on the APR (academic performance rate) right now.


Linda Wooster reported on Recreation:

-Holiday Dinner for students is Thursday, December 6th

-Intramurals is going well with sign-ups

-Need for new equipment in the Fitness area

-Physical Education – Jean Blue has asked about adding more classes and may add a weekend class at the end of the semester for those students who need the credit

-Recreation – craft classes are very successful – a lot of International students really enjoy the classes


The subject of a new Chair for this Council was brought up. 


Motion Made and Accepted:

Jack Leary made a motion to nominate Eric Bronson for another term.

Angela Mattie seconded the motion


Rich Hanley handed out a draft of the Quinnipiac University Athletics Council Bylaws.

He said this is still a work-in-progress and needed everyone’s input.  He will e-mail everyone the document and at our next meeting we will discuss.


Tracey Flynn introduced Alyssa Budkofsky and described to everyone what her job would entail.


Tracey Flynn also reported on Sports Updates:  Women and Men’s Soccer are having their best start this year.  Field Hockey is struggling a little but it is still early.  Cross Country is doing well with their individual accomplishments.  Volleyball coach is happy with the progress of her team and excited that she got her verbal commitment for next year. 


Tracey mentioned to everyone that the new website is up and running and will take time to fix some problems.  Some mentioned that there is still no current scores posted and Tracey told everyone that there is a staffing problem in that department and there is just so much they can do right now.  Hopefully, things will get better.


Meeting adjourned at 5:15 PM


Submitted by,

Connie Mancini


Athletic Council Meeting – September 17, 2007


Meeting came to order at 4:15 PM.


Attendees:  Eric Bronson, Lisa Burns, Sean Duffy, Rich Ferguson, Roger Fish, Tracey Flynn, Rich Hanley, Jackie Herb Mark Hoffman Ken Kaloustian, Carla Knowlton, Don Kowalsky, Dottie Lauria, Jill Martin, Angela Mattie, Jack McDonald, John Morgan, Lyneene Richardson, Linda Wooster


Introduction of the student-athletes from SAAC were made by Jack McDonald.  Jackie Herb, from Women’s Tennis and Roger Fish from Men’s Lacrosse.


Also, Jack McDonald introduced the Head Volleyball Coach, Robin Sparks.


Eric Bronson introduced two new members that were present – Lisa Burns, Associate Director of Media Services and Carla Knowlton, Director of Admissions.


All Athletic Council Meetings will be the first Monday of the month at 4:15 PM in the Athletic Conference Room.


Jack McDonald discussed the Athletic Council website and noted that it was still a work-in-process document.  He would like every sport to have two liaisons – one primary and one secondary.


Jill Martin noted that there were some sports that had more liaisons than others.  Jack told her that he put down what each person requested and knows that things will have to be adjusted. Nothing is definite yet. Discussion was held asking each Athletic Council member exactly what sport they would prefer.


Eric Bronson announced that Jill Martin was just elected by the President to be the “Certification Liaison” for the NCAA.  In this capacity, Jill will be overlooking everything that was reported on in the NCAA Certification Report and seeing that everything gets completed.


Jill mentioned that there were two things that this committee had to do:  Have a set of by-laws written and also elect a new Chair.   Eric Bronson’s term is up and we need to nominate someone.


It was noted that the Committee needed to nominate a sub-committee for the by-laws.  Jill Martin volunteered along with Rich Hanley and Tracey Flynn.


Jack McDonald talked about study hall/power hour space needs.  Because of lost space in the Athletic Center, we have been having trouble locating space for our study halls.   Of our 220 athletes, about 50% of them need to have a place to study.


Men’s Basketball has hired a person to help with their power hours, but the TDBN is not an option to use as a study hall.  Transportation and room set-up are both problems.

We have been looking on campus for two adjacent rooms for use as power hours.  We still use the Library, but freshmen cannot use that area.


Our Athletic Conference Room is used during the day with classes from 8:00 to 2:00 so we do not have access to this room until the evening hours.


Rich Ferguson suggested that the council make the college aware of our needs so when they are planning expansion, this could be considered.


Lyneene Richardson will do a room-by-room analysis and check for peak times for power hours in the Library and in the power hour room.


Linda Wooster reported on Intramurals/Recreation/Fitness.  Handed out sheet with all updates.


Positive Play – All of our Positive Play programs are listed on the website.  We held an August 30th program where all student-athletes attended.  Student Affairs talked to everyone at 7:00 AM in the Gym.  Despite talk on Thursday, on Sunday the Head Athletic Trainer sent athletes home because they were too drunk to take their physicals.


Drug Testing was held last week where eight randomly chosen athletes were tested.


Fall sports update:  Men and Women Soccer is the best season start ever.  Cross Country is doing very well.


Jack McDonald suggested that at our next meeting we should talk about baseball and softball spring trips.  He asked if their liaisons would talk with the head coaches and ask about their times of leaving for these trips


Tracey Flynn talked about roster management.  During our certification, it was noted that we are not complying with Title 9.  Over the next five years, we will manage current rosters to minimize number of women and maximize the number of males.  Right now our coaches are trying to comply with these numbers.


Lyneene Richardson said that the APR is due on October 7th and will report on this after that date.


Next meeting will be on Monday, October 1, 2007 at 4:15 PM.


Meeting was adjourned at 5:15 PM.


Respectfully submitted,

Connie Mancini


Athletics Council Meeting – May 7, 2007


Meeting came to order at 4:20 pm


Attendees:  Eric Bronson, Jack McDonald, Tracey Flynn, Lyneene Richardson, Dottie Lauria, Jill Martin, Jack Leary, Andy Delohery, Mark Hoffman, Ken Kaloustian


Jack McDonald reported on Sports Updates:


-Women’s Tennis is going to UCLA for the NCAA’s

-Track has two athletes going to the finals in Florida

-Baseball and Softball still playing


-Our Athletic Awards were held at the TD Banknorth and went very well.

Reid Cashman (Men’s Ice Hockey) and Kristen Stevens (Women’s Indoor Track)

Most Valuable Players of the Year.    Over 400 athletes attended.  Each MVP was presented with a plaque by President Lahey and their respective head coach.


-Our Scholar Athlete Reception was held in Alumni Hall.  It was hosted by

 SAAC and honored 123 student-athletes who have achieved a cumulative

 grade point average of a 3.2 or better for the past two semesters.  The deans and

 associate deans of the university’s school of business, communications, health

 sciences and liberal arts participated.


Tracey Flynn reported on SAAC updates:


-Two new athletes chosen to head SAAC next year – Roger Fish-Men’s Lacrossse

 and Jackie Herb –Women’s Tennis. 

-Lyneene and Tracey will be at a Compliance Seminar next week in Denver,


-Meeting with each team to go over NCAA eligibility requirements and rules

 for the summer.  Also every team completing team surveys.


Jack reviewed job description of the Athletic Counselor-Academic Support position to be posted for opening at TD Banknorth.  This job will be posted to our new posting system here at QU and also to the NCAA site.


Discussion about this job description was held.  Dottie Lauria wanted to make sure that in the qualifications were listed some specific software knowledge.  Ken Kaloustian thought the job description should mention that the person is only going to be working with Basketball.  Lyneene clarified that if at some point there wasn’t a great need for Basketball, that this person would be able to help her with other sports in need.


Jack mentioned that they would like to narrow the search down to four or five applicants and maybe bring in a few for a committee to interview.  Jack, Lyneene, and Tracey will definitely be on the committee.


Jack McDonald spoke about the new members that need to be invited to our Athletics Council. 


Jack Leary made a motion:


Motion – We, the Athletics Council, should accept all newly listed personnel as new members and should, therefore, be invited to serve on this Council.


Seconded and vote was held.


Vote was passed  9-1


Dottie had concern about an alumni being on this council.  Tracey made a recommendation that someone from Student Government be on this council also.

Jill Martin wanted to know how long each member will be obligated to serve.  She wants our by-laws to be reviewed.


Submitted by:

Connie Mancini

May 8, 2007


Athletics Council Meeting – March 5, 2007


Meeting came to order at 4:15 pm


Attendees:  Eric Bronson, Jack McDonald, Tracey Flynn, Lyneene Richardson, Linda Wooster, Rich Hanley, Don Kowalsky, Dottie Lauria, Jill Martin, Angela Mattie, Jack Leary, Andy Delohery, Sean Duffy, Sue Medley, and five members of the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee


Jack McDonald opened up the meeting by saying that he invited members of the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee to sit in on the meeting today.  The five present members introduced themselves to everyone.


McDonald reported on sports updates:  Quinnipiac had a historic season in the new TD Banknorth building.  Our women’s basketball made it to the quarter-finals; our men’s basketball made it to the semi-finals; and our men’s ice hockey are playing Cornell in the quarter-finals this weekend.


 Our spring sports are off to a good start with men’s and women’s lacrosse winning their first games.  Baseball and softball are going South for spring break next week.  Jack mentioned that because of the cold weather, there might be a time when this Council may have to set a date for the start of spring sports.   Some trips that were scheduled in February were canceled at the last moment because of weather issues.


Athletic Awards Ceremony is scheduled for Wednesday, May 2, at 6:00 PM at TD Banknorth.


Jack McDonald introduced Sue Medley, Head Volleyball Coach.  Sue thanked the committee for their support in maintaining the volleyball program here at QU.  She gave some information about the current team.  There are currently 10 athletes on the team with five full scholarships.  Most of all colleges have volleyball as a sport with full-time coaches.  She is recommending highly that volleyball have a full-time coach in order to compete with the other schools.   Statistically, volleyball athletes have high GPA’s and are great role models.  It is a great spectator sport.


Sue Medley is asking for the support again to hire a full time coach and have one in place soon to start the recruiting process for next season.


McDonald told the Council that he has written a letter to the President asking for three full time positions for next year.  One was for a full time Volleyball Coach; Second was for a support person for Compliance; and the Third was for a strength and conditioning person for TD Banknorth.


The use of the TD Banknorth other than varsity sports was discussed.   Linda Wooster made a request that the intramural basketball championships be held in the new building, but this was denied.  Many council members feel that students should have use of the ice arena, as there is no other ice available for them.   We have another basketball court (Kahn Court) so it would only be the ice rink that they would like accessible to students.


Eric Bronson made a motion:


Motion – We, the Athletics Council, support the student’s use of the TD Banknorth to include Physical Education and Intramurals for next year


Vote was held


Vote was passed 7-0


Eric and Jack talked about the Athletic Council and its members.  All the members of the Faculty Athletic Advisory Board will serve on the Athletics Council.  This group will meet once a month.  There will be three sub-committees:  Academic, Governance, and Equity and Student Welfare (Diversity).  These three committees will also meet once a month.   Jack also would like two sports liaisons for each sport if possible.


Tracey Flynn reported on Compliance/SAAC Updates: She took two SAAC members to Hershey, Pennsylvania for a Compliance workshop.  She also mentioned that Jack McDonald met with two Student Athletes from SAAC to go over questions of concern.

The Scholar Athlete Awards will be held on Monday, April 16th from 4:00 – 6:00 PM in the main gymnasium.  This year the GPA’s have been raised to 3.2.  We have 123 honorees this year.


Compliance Department is working on summer school and athletes on academic scholarships.


Lyneene Richardson reported that mid-term grades were out and given to all coaches.  She just returned from a Life Skills Conference in Georgia and is planning on going to a Compliance Conference next month.


Linda Wooster reported on recreation and intramural updates.  Intramurals is going well with 3 on 3 basketball finishing up and sign-ups for softball beginning.  Physical Education’s ballroom dancing is very popular and adding new classes.  Student Health Fair is scheduled for April 11th and Employee Health and Wellness Fair is May 24th.


Next meeting is Monday, April 2, 2007.


Submitted by:

Connie Mancini

March 6, 2007


Athletics Council Meeting Minutes -December 4, 2006





Jack McDonald

Tracey Flynn

Lyneene Richardson

Don Kowalsky

Linda Wooster

Jack Leary

Mark Hoffman

Eric Bronson

Jill Martin

Rich Hanley

Rich Ferguson


Meeting came to order at 4:20 pm


Jack McDonald announced that volleyball would be retained with five scholarships.  The part-time/full-time coach has still not been decided.  Sue Medley has decided not to stay.  Jack thinks that this council should propose the status of the coach and present it to the President.


The Basketball athlete arrests were discussed.  These athletes missed games and one was suspended for one year while the other one is eligible to play now.  The situation with QU101 was discussed.  Eric Bronson also mentioned of another disturbing e-mail about QU101 and the opinion of one professor. 


A long discussion was made about new members and the structure of this Council.  The certification report recommended that this board be larger to include more faculty.  Tracey Flynn suggested that there be more gender equity needing more female members.


A motion was made and passed that:


The voting members will consist of no more than 15 members with the majority of the members to be faculty.  All will be appointed by the President of the University and the President can appoint more if he so desires.


Jack McDonald showed a short video of ads and promotions by students for Dedication Week for the new building. 


Distribution of tickets was discussed.  Majority of Council agreed that new ticket policy was never told to faculty/staff and that they would like a better way of getting tickets.


A motion was made that:


Students, Faculty, and Staff are made aware of the new ticket policy and that students, faculty, and staff have the opportunity to pick up free tickets as late as the day of the event.


Submitted by:


Connie Mancini

Secretary to the Athletics Director 


Athletic Council Meeting – November 6, 2006



Meeting came to order at 4:18 PM




Jack McDonald                        Rich Ferguson

Jack Leary                                    Don Kowalski

Ken Kaloustian                        Jill Martin

Dottie Lauria                                    Sean Duffy

Lyneene Richardson           


McDonald announced that Eric Bronson could not be at the meeting as he hurt his arm acting in a play.


McDonald updated everyone on volleyball.  There will no changes implemented to the Women’s Volleyball Program in the near future.  The current coaching staff structure and scholarship allotment will be retained.  This includes a part-time head coach and five full scholarships.  If a coach needs to be full time, this will be re-evaluated later.  No decision has been made on the full use of the gym.


Ferguson discussed the Peer Review Group visit in detail.  Dr. Elena Bove, Chair will speak with John Lahey some time prior to her visit as John Lahey will not be available until the second or third day. 


On Tuesday, November 14, 2006, Dr. Bove will meet with Rich Ferguson, Sean Duffy (Jill Martin cannot make it), Pat Nielsen, John Morgan, Terry Goodwin, Manny Carreiro, Jack McDonald, Anna Spragg, Student Athletes, and Coaches.


John D’Argenio (Goverance) will meet with Lyneene Richardson, Jack McDonald, Tracey Flynn, Andy Delohery, Carla Knowlton, Joe DeSantis, Sue Medley and Jill Martin.


Jack Rivas (Student-Athlete Welfare) will meet with Tracey Flynn, Gordie Hurlbert, John Twining and Bill Mecca.


On Wednesday, November 15, John Lahey will meet with the committee on their findings. 


In all, this certification process was a very good experience and all the writers and research people were invaluable.


Jack McDonald discussed National Letters of Intent for Basketball.  He said that there are a few still on his desk that needs review before signing.  Lyneene and Tracey will need to review to see if there are any problems.  He said that we can take one risky athlete, but cannot take any more than that for Basketball.


McDonald gave some updates to athletics:


Four student-athletes were dismissed from school this past week.  Two Basketball and two Tennis.  All cannot return for one year.  Tennis is appealing.


Cross Country won championship for men and women.


Both coaches received “Coach of the Year” awards.


Women’s Hockey beat Brown last weekend.


Building is coming along – something new every day.


McDonald mentioned that when budget time approaches, he would like this board to have some input in certain areas.  Lyneene and Tracey need extra personnel for their departments.  Also, might talk about full time volleyball coach.


Wednesday before Thanksgiving – Men’s Basketball  vs. Lehigh and Women’s Basketball vs. Harvard.  Friday after Thanksgiving Men’s Ice Hockey vs Harvard on TV.


January 27th starts a one-week long celebration for the opening of the new building.


Tailgate Madness next week.


Mention was made about tickets.  Jack said he will get an allotment of 50 tickets per game and if anyone needs tickets (limit of 2 per game), please call him or Connie.


December 4, 2006 will be the next meeting to discuss committee policies.


Submitted by Connie Mancini

November 7, 2006


Athletics Council Meeting – September 25, 2006


Meeting came to order at 4:18 pm


Attendees:  Sean Duffy, Eric Bronson, Rich Hanley, Don Kowalsky, Dottie Lauria, Jill Martin, Linda Wooster, Lyneene Richardson, Mark Hoffman, Andy Delohery


Linda Wooster opened up the meeting with a review of Campus Recreation.  Campus Recreation encompasses intramurals, fitness center, physical education, aerobic studios, and special events.  Intramurals, under Mike Medina, was reported as being the most popular and widely participated in activities on campus.  Playing fields is a problem as there are not enough fields for all the games they would like to have.


Tami Reilly’s wellness classes are filled and there are waiting lists.


Physical Education classes have waiting lists also.  There are ten slots open out of 562 slots for classes.  Handed out copies of Fall 2006 and Spring 2007.


Farm River Activity – canoeing, kayaking, and weekend activities) is going well.  Walktober event being planned now.  Walking map handed out.


New cardio equipment has arrived.  Equipment usually lasts 3-4 years.  Our equipment gets lots of wear and tear.


Jill Martin asked Linda what her needs were to use the old gym once Basketball moves to the new building.  Linda couldn’t really answer because no one really knows what they have decided yet on the usage of the gym. 


Val Belmonte noted that this is still in the planning stage.  Jill Martin asked if this board should make a recommendation from the board?  Eric Bronson agreed that this Board should recommend something that the Board would stand behind.  He said we need to make a statement from the Board and give reasons why Athletics needs to keep the gym.


Jill Martin MOVED that the Athletics Council send a letter to John Lahey stating that this Board believes that the Athletics and Recreation Department use the gym and keep it for Athletics.


Dottie Lauria didn’t think we should do this now as we don’t have enough information.


Sean Duffy suggested we change the motion to say: “Because of the great need of Athletics, we think the gym should be kept as is”


Motion – We, the Athletics Council, believe that the Athletics and Recreation space be retained for Athletics and Recreation Use


Vote was held


Vote was passed 6-1 (one abstained)


The next lengthy discussion was about the Council’s goals and need for new members.


Membership requires two members from each school.  Rich Hanley noted that we would need one more from the school of Communications.  He said they only have 18 full time faculty members so two members would be hard to commit to.


Eric said Jack McDonald wanted to make sure that other parts of the university were represented.  Also need one female athlete and one male athlete to serve.  It was noted that these names would be presented to Jack and then he would present to the President who would “appoint” them.


Jill said that the Council does not have any by-laws so it is confusing exactly what the duties are and what responsibilities does it have.  Val made a recommendation to re-write the by-laws by everyone sending in comments to one member and have them put something together.  It would require everyone’s input. 


Eric mentioned that Sean and he met with Jack McDonald on this.  He said it was important that we decide whether or not the group be a governing body or not.


Jill debated whether or not the group could do ANYTHING until the by-laws are set.


Don Kowalsky mentioned that if the Council was a decision-making committee why then didn’t the Council have a say in the discipline of the Baseball team.  Jack would have to relinquish power to this committee to do certain decision-making.  We need to know a direction in order to go forward.


Val Belmonte suggested looking at other institutions as to what they do.  Are we an advising committee or decision-making committee??


Dottie quoted from the NCAA Certification Self-Study Final Report:


“The Faculty-Staff Academic Athletics Advisory Board (FSAAAB, renamed the Quinnipiac University Academic Athletics Advisory Board in 2005; see below) assists and advises the Director of Athletics and Recreation in the exercise of institutional responsibility and control of intercollegiate athletics and recreation as they relate to academics”


Dottie Lauria questioned Val about the Athletic Advisory Board.  He said it was a group of 35 people – alumni and business people.  Dottie thought this group was gone.  Val said the group is still active – they all have to make a financial contribution in order to belong.  He said it was similar to a “booster club” with no real decision-making and meets once a semester.


Jill wants to make sure the Council is going in the right direction.  She said if this is a new body, all have to be appointed and then can draw up by-laws.


Dottie noted that it sounds like this would be a new board with the other one still intact.


Eric mentioned if we really want to add one male and one female athlete as many times the board talks about APR’s of sports and sometimes other athletes’ names are mentioned.  Is this okay to do in front of other athletes?


Val Belmonte agreed to call three institutions and get some idea on their committees’ by-laws.


Rich Hanley questioned whether we can give Jack names of members so Jack can get names appointed or do we have to wait for our by-laws to be written up.


Eric Bronson mentioned that the addition of a Facilities member would not be appropriate, as he would not know anything about athletics or recreation.


Eric wanted the members to give him the okay to give list of new members to Jack so Jack can get appointments.  Andy Delohery said this group really needs more clarification before we can recommend new members.


Sean Duffy wanted to know if the new members would also be liaisons to teams?’’  Val said the by-laws would incorporate exactly what the board should be doing.


Meeting was adjourned at 6:05 PM.


Next meeting was set for Monday, November 6 at 4:30 PM


Submitted by:  Connie Mancini

September 26, 2006


Athletics Council Meeting – September 11, 2006


Meeting came to order at 4:20 pm


Attendees:  J. McDonakd, T. Flynn, L. Richardson, L. Wooster, R. Hanley, J. Martin,

E. Bronson, K. Kaloustian, M. Hoffman, D. Kowalsky, S. Duffy, A. Mattie, D. Lauria,

A. Delohery.  Guest Speaker – J. Lahey


John Lahey addressed council on the letter he received from members of the council.

He first wanted to thank everyone for serving on the council and all the help that has been given to Jack McDonald.


He stated that academics is his most concern with everything that he does.


Lahey talked about the re-organization of Athletics and that he got quite a few negative comments.   He said that Athletics has been reporting to Student Affairs for the past 12 years, and has worked well.  But, with the new endeavors this upcoming year, he thought a different approach would benefit everyone.


There is a need for a full-time person to be in charge of the new building and someone to oversee the whole operation.  Jack is doing a great job, but we needed two Jack’s in order for the new building to be a success.


Lahey quoted from the letter that “Athletics and Marketing should not be connected”.  Lahey said that this is not true.  The only way Athletics does well is with Marketing.  Someone is needed full time to marketing the new facility and new programs associated with the building.


Jill Martin asked about Monday morning meetings with Student Affairs  This meeting is important to find out what Athletics have gotten into trouble over the weekend.  Jack

McDonald told her that Tracey is still attending these meetings and nothing has changed in this respect. Jack mentioned about the meeting Athletics had with Manny and Monique about what was expected from each athlete and what the policies of the school were.


Lahey said that he has been thinking about this for over a year and he was surprised the council didn’t come forward earlier than this.  Sean  Duffy said that the first time the council knew about it was when the president’s letter came out.  Lahey was surprised about this as he said some coaches have approached him earlier and have had concerns.


Dottie Lauria said that she would like to know the roles and power that this council has in order to be more aware of certain situations.  What lines of communication do we have – she was wondering why the president didn’t come to us for guidance during his decision.

Rich Ferguson said that the by-laws of the group will have to be defined and written up.


Lahey mentioned the move of the Sports Information Department and some concern of it reporting to a marketing department.  Lahey thinks this was a good move as the media should get the full story not just stats.


Rich Hanlley said that if the athletes get in trouble, the press may blame it on the marketing – trying to fill the stadium rather than looking to help the students.


Jill said we all spent a lot of time looking at Athletics with the certification – students are very important to us.


Lahey mentioned gender equity and the volleyball program.  He said we are looking at additional sports and roster management.  He told everyone that the NEC Conference has changed volleyball to something less than “sport of emphasis”.  It doesn’t attract a big audience and playing in the old gym might be a problem.  He did mention that this Fall, the NEC Conference may vote it back as a “sport of emphasis”.  The old gym might be used for other things, like student center activities, clubs, etc.


Lahey said that he would like to get out of the NEC Conference some day as Quinnipiac is way above most of the schools in academics in this conference.


At this point, John Lahey was finished and left the meeting.


Val Belmonte addressed the council.   With the new building, Val wants the “whole” experience to be a great one.  He told everyone exactly how much more work each game will be compared to what we have been doing.  There will be anywhere from 65-75 people  needed to work the game alone, compared to 20 we normally have.    Coordinating all aspects of the operation of one game is very critical – from the entertainers to monitoring all the music and speakers, etc.


Andy Delohery talked briefly on lack of awareness on certain policies.  Student Athletes having scheduling problems.  Many SA are not getting ready for their semesters.  Missed class time is a problem.  Attitudes are less positive about SA’s.  Student Athletes are labeled and do not get the same treatment as others.  Student Athletes seem to be getting preference with class times, etc., but this is not true.  All students are given the same opportunities.


Dottie Lauria suggested that some of the council talk to the student athletes just like Residential Life talked with  them as a group.  We could then present to them at the beginning of the year just exactly what is expected of them in certain areas.


Meeting ended at 6:00 PM,  Next meeting will be on Monday, September 25, 2006 at 4:15 PM.


Athletics Council Meeting – June 12, 2006


Meeting came to order at 12:15 PM




Jack McDonald                        Jack Leary

Tracey Flynn                                    Ken Kaloustian

Lyneene Richardson                        Sean Duffy

Richard Hanley                        Angela Mattie

Mark Hoffman                        Jill Martin

Andy Delohery                       


McDonald handed out copies of the NCAA Certification Report that was submitted in May 2006.  He mentioned that the new name of the FAAB committee would be “Athletic Council”.  Also, he was not sure what new members we would require whether it be from the five schools or cabinet divisions or maybe both.


Richardson handed out a spreadsheet on the Spring GPA’s listed by teams.  Noted that the Spring semester ended with an average of 3.072 with the overall cum at 2.993.


McDonald reported on the campus re-organization involving Athletics and Student Affairs.  He clarified that Athletics as of July 1, 2006 will be reporting to the Vice President for Athletic Marketing and External Relations.  Student Affairs will then be reporting to Senior Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs.


Hanley talked briefly about why Athletics and Sports Information would be bad if reporting to the Marketing Department.  He would be willing to talk to the President about why this decision was not good.  He told everyone that bringing in athletes to play would be for “marketing” purposes only and not for the academics.


Mattie suggested that this committee should draw up a letter and submit it to the President voicing our opinion on his decision.  Duffy and Leary would like to have the power to generate letter and have it represent the whole committee. 

It was decided that a sub committee of Duffy, Martin and Hanley would meet with V.P. Rich Ferguson to discuss the understanding of the change in reporting of the athletic department from academics/student affairs to “marketing” from the administration’s perspective and in view of the chain of command as recited in the NCAA study just completed.  The sub committee would then prepare a letter to the president reflecting the committee’s dissatisfaction with the message and/or the substance such a change would bring to recruiting, sports information and general media perception together with whatever additional information or explanation was elicited from V.P. Ferguson and e-mail it to the full committee for comment.  It would then be sent to the president in the name of the full committee as revised.


Delohery asked about the bylaws of the committee and if they had the power to voice their opinions about changes stated.


McDonald told everyone what happened to the Baseball Team, Web sites, alcohol and team disciplines.  Discussion went on about the issue, disciplines and media.


McDonald said that a travel grid would be drawn up by Richardson and Terry for review.


APR of men’s basketball was discussed.  McDonald noted that the following would be adhered to:


-Clearinghouse will be the basis of all acceptances – no junior colleges allowed.

-High School diplomas are important

-Look at the number of credits in the Fall and Spring.  It looks like there are always more in the Fall and less in the Spring

-Travel policy will be looked at closely

-Importance of getting an education must be drilled into the student-athlete.  Bring former students back to act as mentors to individuals.

-With new building – questions about transportation and study halls have to be decided.


Flynn reported on Julie Zitterkopf who graduated here in three years.  She was on the volleyball team and now is going for her Masters at Dartmouth.  She has done a lot of volunteer work and was nominated and won an award for volunteerism.


Wooster was not present, but McDonald read her report:

-Health Fair was a success

-Planning for Fall intramurals of ice hockey and broomball


McDonald stated the Campus Bookstore would be moving in the Athletic Center.  Addition of Bookstore will be on the grass area outside near the North parking lot.


Delohery passed out graph showing statistics of teams that use the Learning Center.  He noted that every student-athlete that was deficient has come for help.  There was more usage in the Fall than in the Spring.  Also, 70% of freshmen use his center.


McDonald asked if anyone wanted to see the new building that he would take them up today.


Meeting was adjourned at 1:45 PM


Submitted by Connie Mancini

June 12, 2006


Faculty Athletic Advisory Board Meeting – May 1, 2006


Meeting came to order at 4:23 pm




Eric Bronson                                    Linda Wooster

Jack McDonald                        Sean Duffy

Dottie Lauria                                    Ken Kaloustian

Angela Mattei

Don Kowalsky

Jack Leary

Rich Hanley


General Announcements


Bronson said there was a meeting about academics and the APR regarding Basketball being below the cut line.  He said they have come up with a 3-prong plan.


McDonald talked a little about the plan.  He mentioned that the NCAA has asked for a plan for improvement.  There is a committee set up to put plan together.  The certification shows we have an issue with SAT’s of admitting athletes in Basketball.


Kowalsky asked if an athlete leaves and we are penalized, can we replace them.  Flynn answered and said we can replace them, but with no scholarship.  Will be initiating a 3-prong plan:


Prior to entrance

Institution responsibility

Student responsibility


McDonald reported that under Governance, there will be a new group and a new title for the present FAAB group.  The new name to be considered is Athletics Council.


Under the Equity report, we need to add more participation for women sports.  We have to equal out the number of men and women.  There are two ways to do this:  roster management or adding a sport.


Sports Updates


Tennis will know on Wednesday at 8:30 PM at the selection show on TV.

Men and Women’s Lacrosse ending their season

Softball and Baseball – still playing and doing well


Bronson mentioned that a group of students went up to see Rocky Top and just loved it.  McDonald brought up the point that there is a “Player’s Lounge” and they are looking for a different name for it. 


Next meeting – possibility of going to see new building.


McDonald told about the athletes meeting with President Lahey at 7:30 AM last Thursday.  There was tremendous turnout and the outcome was good.


Bill Roach will be going to the Leadership Conference in Disney World this year.


McDonald invited everyone to our annual Athletic Awards Ceremony on Wednesday, May 3, at 6:00 PM


Meeting was adjourned at 5:25 pm


Submitted by Connie Mancini

May 2, 2006


FAAB Meeting – April 3, 2006


Meeting came to order at 4:40 PM


Attendees:            Sean Duffy

                        Mark Hoffman

                        Dottie Lauria

Jack Leary

                        Jill Martin

                        Jack McDonald

                        Lyneene Richardson


NCAA Certification Updates:


McDonald talked about the need for more boards that would include students, staff, faculty, and alumni.  The Governance Committee has to make the recommendation to add these new boards.  Duffy asked if we could add non-athletic students to these boards.  McDonald said yes.


McDonald noted that the existing FAAB could get larger.


Academic Integrity – Jill Martin


Martin reported that nothing has changed from last month’s report.  She went on to summarize the committee’s recommendations.


Equity/Student Athlete Welfare


Discussion was made concerning dropping or keeping volleyball as a sport.  The primary reason appears to be the gymnasium’s (Burt Kahn Court) availability.


Academic Progress Rate


McDonald reported that a warning letter from the NEC addressed to Dr. Lahey was received regarding men’s basketball and golf.  The institution has been asked to develop an academic recovery strategy. McDonald noted that we should not blame Admissions for this problem.   It was interesting to note that Dr. Lahey has yet to respond to this warning letter received two weeks ago.


Recreation Updates – Linda not present, but left an update


Sports Update – McDonald


Spring sports have started and are doing very well. 


Women’s Lacrosse    4-0

Baseball   4-2

Softball  1-1

Men’s Lacrosse  5-2

Men’s Tennis   8-6 as a team

Women’s Tennis  7-6 as a team


McDonald noted that attendance at our winter games doubled from last year.


Facilities Update – McDonald


Building is progressing on time.  A day will be set to bring the FAAB members to see building. 


General Announcements:


Two important dates were mentioned:


April 17th at 4:30 PM in Alumni Hall – Scholar Athlete Reception

May 3rd at 6:00 PM in Gymnasium – Annual Athletic Awards


Richardson announced that there is a new group that is an offspring of SAAC called “Bobcat Buddies”.  This group is a community service group and it comprises around 20-30 athletes each week.


Richardson also stated that mid-terms were in and progress reports have gone out to professors.  Duffy said that these reports were good to have since sometimes the professor doesn’t know who the athletes are.  Richardson said progress reports being returned is around 90%.


Lauria mentioned that April 15th is the deadline for her reporting the graduation rate for financial aid students (including scholarship student athletes) to the federal government.


Meeting ended at 5:55 PM.  


Submitted by Connie Mancini on 4/3/06


FAAB Meeting – March  6, 2006



Meeting came to order at 4:35 PM


Attendees:            Eric Bronson

                        Tracey Flynn

                        Rich Hanley

                        Mark Hoffman

                        Ken Kaloustian

                        Dottie Lauria

                        Jill Martin

                        Angela Mattie

                        Lyneene Richardson


NCAA Certification Updates:


Governance/Rules Compliance – Mark Hoffman


Committee met last week and everything looks in good shape.  There are some things that need to be filled in.  There are plans for improvement in two areas. There will be a meeting tomorrow, 3/7/06, to finalize.


Academic Integrity – Jill Martin


Committee completed work one week ago and has submitted to Jack McDonald.  There are ten recommendations, five of are related to FSAAAB.


Practice schedules have to be reviewed.  Missed class time was another topic that has to be addressed.  How much missed class time should be allowed before a game.  Topic was discussed on what time a bus should leave for an away game. There should be a missed class policy on how much time should be given for any game.


Kaloustian said that the teacher is made out to look as the bad guy when he tells a student he cannot leave and has to take a test, when an athlete says he has to catch a bus.

Many times an athlete has to catch a bus at 12:00 Noon and if it was extended to 12:15, maybe the athlete could make their 11:00 AM class and not miss that class all the time.


Flynn added that they take into consideration where the game is and if there will be traffic getting there. Also, the team may have to leave early in order to get their practice times.   Many teams opt to leave the night before only because of the traffic or the distance of the travel.


Martin commented that the school is doing all the right things, but we need to document them to specify the policies.  We need to put policies in writing.


Martin noted that the admitted basketball athletes usually have lower SAT scores than the mean.  She noted that their average SAT score was about 850.  She suggested that Admissions look into this.  Also, that the graduation rate was good.  Most of the students who withdrew would have been suspended anyway.  There are no large numbers of students falling through the gaps.


Equity/Student Athlete Welfare – Eric Bronson


Working on recommendations.  The list is quite large.  Gender Equity – will come up with a recommendation about adding women’s sports.  Administration is not favorable with this.


Bronson mentioned that Jack McDonald was looking for women teams rather than individual athletes.


Martin asked why there was talk of dissolving the volleyball team.  She said that every school has it and thinks it should stay.  Why should we give it up when we are in need of women sports?


Flynn added that women athletes are looking for a quality experience, but men athletes just looking to be part of a team.  So we can’t just add 15 extra women to a team because this would not be a quality experience. 


Flynn also said that the NEC is de-emphasizing volleyball to a sport of emphasis beginning next year.  (Currently, NEC volleyball is a priority sport).


Hanley asked if we had any plans in getting out of the NEC.


NCAA APR Review: (Tracey Flynn)


Flynn presented a power-point presentation on the NCAA Academic Progress Rate team by team review of scholarship student-athletes eligibility and retention.  Report year is the Fall and Spring semester of an academic year.  Quinnipiac overall APR is 963 (out of 1,000 points); down from last year’s 968.  Men’s basketball and men’s golf have had two consecutive years of team scores which will cause the NCAA to send warning letters to President Lahey.




Academic/CHAMPS Life Skills Updates – Richardson


There is a mandatory seminar going on tonight in the Gymnasium entitled, “Taming Of The Brew”.  This is a speaker/comedian talking about spring break and the dos and don’ts


There is a new community service group being formed.  This group will be an offspring of SAAC.  There are eight members right now and these eight will be recruiting more members.  They are in the process of naming the group.  Two choices are:  “Athletes In The Community” or “Bobcat Friends”.


Hanley said mid terms grades have gone out and reports have gone out to the professors.


Martin said that advisors will start to meet with the student-athletes after spring break. Coaches should let the advisors know of their game schedules so classes can be scheduled around them.  Registration procedures are being worked on now.


Compliance/SAAC Updates - Flynn


SAAC is starting to prepare for the scholar athlete reception. This is a reception where we honor scholar student athletes.   There has been talk about raising the qualifying GPA from 3.0 to 3.2 for next year’s program. 


Recreation Updates – Linda Wooster (not present)


A summary review of updates and information on recreation, intramurals, and physical education activities for this year and proposed for next year.


Sports Updates -  Tracey


Right now, all teams are either practicing or competing, except women’s ice hockey and men’s basketball. 


Women’s Basketball is hosting tomorrow, 3/7/06, Robert Morris for playoff game, and if win, will play on Saturday for the championship.   Trish Sacca was awarded “Coach of the Year”.


Men’s Ice Hockey will play this Friday, Saturday, and possibly Sunday against Colgate in the playoff games. 


Men’s Lacrosse has started well.  They are 2-0 in the league.


Facilities Update – Flynn


Wooster will be meeting with the AD’s and Vice President regarding space in the new building for recreation/intramurals.


Martin noted that there was no proposal for use for the new basketball courts just the ice surface time.  There was discussion about the use of the old gym.  Everyone had a different opinion of what they heard was going to happen to it. 


General Announcements


Eric passed out a flyer  about recycling sneakers.  Sneakers will be collected from

April 1-June 15th at various locations in town.  He suggested we have a drop-off place somewhere on campus for sneakers.


Trip to the new facility is postponed for today.


Meeting was adjourned at 5:55 PM. 

Next meeting will be Monday, April 3, 2006.


Submitted by Connie Mancini on 3/8/06